Golf Joke: Terrible Weather Out There

Danny was a religious golfer. Every Sunday morning, he headed to the golf course. It didn't matter what the weather was like. It could be raining and 45 degrees, but Danny didn't care. It was off to the course. Every single Sunday morning for years.

But one Sunday, Danny finally met his match with the weather. He got up early and drove out to the course, hoping the weather would improve by the time he hit the first tee.

But once at the course, he knew he was beat. It was just a few degrees above freezing, and the rain was coming down steady and icy cold. No amount of bundling up and rain gear could help.

So for the first time in years, Danny headed back home on a Sunday morning.

His wife was still in bed when he got there, so he took off his clothes, snuggled up to his wife's backside and said "Terrible weather out there."

"Yeah," his wife replied, "and can you believe my idiot husband went golfing?"

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