Golf's Ben Hogan Tour (And Its Top Players)

The Ben Hogan Tour was the name of the PGA Tour's official developmental tour when that tour debuted in 1990, and for a couple years after. The tour itself is still around today, but has undergone many name changes over the years. The name "Ben Hogan Tour" (often shortened to just "Hogan Tour") was used only until 1993.

That means the Ben Hogan Tour, under that name, existed only from 1990 until part way through the 1993 season, when Nike Inc. replaced the Ben Hogan Company as the tour's title sponsor. It was then known as the Nike Tour. Other names followed as title sponsors changed over the years, including Tour, Nationwide Tour, Tour and Korn Ferry Tour.

PGA Tour Developmental Tours

For years prior to the establishment of an official developmental tour with the Ben Hogan Tour in 1990, there had been unofficial-money tournaments for PGA Tour players who didn't get into or couldn't qualify for the main PGA Tour events. These were loosely organized and were known by various names, including Monday Tour and Second Tour.

When the Ben Hogan Tour launched in 1990, it was different: It had an official relationship with the PGA Tour, a set schedule that ran over a full season, and, most importantly to the golfers, awarded membership in the next year's PGA Tour to its best players.

When the Ben Hogan Tour launched, it became golf's version of a Triple-A, minor-league baseball team. It was where the best players on the American golf scene not yet playing the PGA Tour plied their trade until they could make it to the big leagues.

Top Golfers on the Ben Hogan Tour

Only three full seasons — 1990, 1991 and 1992 — were played under the name Ben Hogan Tour. These were the top players on the tour in each of those years.
  • 1990: Jeff Maggert (two wins) topped the money list with $108,644. Dick Mast, Jim McGovern and Mike Springer each won three tournaments. Five golfers "graduated" to the PGA Tour: Maggert, McGovern, Mast, Springer and Ed Humenik.
  • 1991: Tom Lehman led the money list with $141,934, and also led the tour in wins with three. The five golfers who graduated to the PGA Tour were Lehman, Olin Browne, P.H. Horgan III, Jerry Anderson and Frank Conner.
  • 1992: John Flannery led the money list with $164,115. Flannery and Brian Henninger each won three tournaments. Ten golfers were awarded PGA Tour membership: Flannery, Henninger, Steve Lowery, Ted Tryba, David Jackson, Jeff Woodland, Brian Kamm, Rick Dalpos, Russell Beiersdorf and Jaime Gomez.

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