Explaining the 2-2-2 Golf Bet

What is a 2-2-2 in golf? It's the name of a type of wager than can be played within a group of golfers. The basics are pretty simple: It is three separate $2 wagers, one for the front nine, one for the back nine and another on the overall match result.

Essentially, 2-2-2 is another name for the $2 Nassau, which is one of golf's most common betting games. Nassau betting can get very complicated if pressing and re-pressing are allowed. We'll skip over that more complicated stuff (but you can read more here) for the purposes of describing a basic 2-2-2.

Actually, we already did! It's this simple: The golfers in your group are wagering $2 on the outcome of the first nine holes, another $2 on the outcome of the second nine holes, and another $2 on the outcome of the full, 18 holes.

You can play the round as stroke play or as match play, up to you. You can play 2-2-2 as a twosome (one vs. one), a threesome (one vs. one vs. one, or one vs. two) or foursome (two vs. two).

At the end of each betting segment of the round, the winner collects $2 from each of the other opponents or sides. In the case of a tie, golfers can conduct a chip-off or count back on the scorecard; or carry over that part of the bet and add it to the next.

More fun formats:

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