1994 U.S. Women's Open Winner and Scores

The 1994 U.S. Women's Open was the 49th time this major championship was played. The winner, one of the LPGA Tour's best, took advantage of another player's collapse.

Winner: Patty Sheehan, 277

Where it was played: Indianwood Golf and Country Club (Old Course) in Lake Orion, Michigan

Tournament dates: July 21-24, 1994

Leader after first round: Helen Alfredsson, 63

Leader after second round: Helen Alfredsson, 132

Leader after third round: Patty Sheehan, 206

What Happened in the 1994 U.S. Women's Open

Patty Sheehan won the 1994 U.S. Women's Open after Helen Alfredsson couldn't follow up on the historically low scoring of her first 43 holes.

Alfredsson scored 63 in the first round, the very first 63 in USWO history (lowering the 18-hole tournament record by two). With a 69 in Round 2, Alfredsson's 132 over the first two rounds set a tournament record for lowest opening 36 holes.

Alfredsson reached 13-under early in her third round, lower than any golfer had ever been in this tournament. After seven holes of Round 3, Alfredsson led by seven strokes. But Alfredsson badly missed the fairway on No. 8 and made bogey, then had a 3-putt bogey on the ninth. Her collapse was under way. She wound up scoring 76-77 on the weekend, 21 strokes worse than her first two rounds. Alfredsson finished in a tie for ninth, eight behind the winner.

Sheehan opened 66-71, then took the lead in the third round with a 69. She led by one over Tammie Green at that point. After Sheehan and Green both had 71s in the final round, that is how they finished — Sheehan winning by a stroke over runner-up Green. Green had a 12-foot birdie try on the final hole that would have forced a playoff, but she missed.

Sheehan's 72-hole total of 277 tied the U.S. Women's Open scoring record of the time. It was Sheehan's 32nd overall win on the LPGA Tour (she finished her career with 35 LPGA victories) and her fifth major championship victory (she ended with six).

Amy Alcott, winner of the 1980 U.S. Women's Open and four other majors, tied for sixth place. It was her final Top 10 finish in any of the majors.

1994 U.S. Women's Open Final Scores

Patty Sheehan66-71-69-71—277
Tammie Green66-72-69-71—278
Liselotte Neumann69-72-71-69—281
Tania Abitbol72-68-73-70—283
Alicia Dibos69-68-73-73—283
Meg Mallon70-72-73-69—284
Amy Alcott71-67-77-69—284
Betsy King69-71-72-72—284
Kelly Robbins71-72-70-72—285
Donna Andrews67-72-70-76—285
Helen Alfredsson63-69-76-77—285
Lauri Merten74-68-75-69—286
Dottie Pepper72-72-71-71—286
Lisa Grimes72-73-69-72—286
Judy Dickinson66-73-73-74—286
Michelle Estill69-68-75-74—286
Laura Davies68-68-75-75—286
Michelle McGann71-70-77-69—287
Juli Inkster75-72-69-71—287
Beth Daniel69-74-71-73—287
Joan Pitcock74-72-67-74—287
Stephanie Brecht73-70-76-69—288
Lisa Walters72-73-72-71—288
Sherri Steinhauer68-72-74-74—288
Kris Tschetter71-73-72-73—289
Deb Richard68-74-72-75—289
Pat Bradley72-69-70-78—289
Pamela Wright74-65-71-79—289
Karen Lunn72-72-77-69—290
Vicki Goetze-Ackerman71-73-73-73—290
Dale Eggeling67-73-79-72—291
JoAnne Carner69-74-75-73—291
a-Carol Semple Thompson66-75-76-74—291
Amy Read68-72-76-75—291
Colleen Walker73-73-75-71—292
Holly Vaughn74-70-76-72—292
Kim Williams72-74-72-74—292
Jane Geddes73-72-73-74—292
Dawn Coe-Jones73-73-71-75—292
Nancy Lopez73-71-73-75—292
Missie McGeorge69-73-75-75—292
Kris Monaghan75-69-72-76—292
Vicki Fergon72-72-77-72—293
Missie Berteotti71-73-77-72—293
Elaine Crosby74-72-73-74—293
Mayumi Hirase74-72-73-74—293
Brandie Burton70-73-74-76—293
Sally Little67-76-74-76—293
Nanci Bowen73-74-72-75—294
Ayako Okamoto71-72-72-79—294
Sherri Turner72-74-75-74—295
Dana Dormann73-73-73-76—295
a-Emilee Klein71-73-69-82—295
Jan Stephenson70-77-74-75—296
Hiromi Kobayashi71-76-73-76—296
Nancy Ramsbottom71-74-72-79—296
Caroline McMillan74-73-76-74—297
a-Sarah LeBrun74-71-77-75—297
Tara Fleming70-75-77-75—297
Alice Ritzman73-74-74-76—297
Mitzi Edge72-72-76-77—297
Toshimi Kimura73-72-75-78—298
Lisa D'Amore71-74-73-80—298
Pearl Sinn-Bonanni74-73-75-78—300
Page Halpin73-71-78-78—300
Judy Sams74-73-76-80—303
Sarah McGuire76-71-77-80—304

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