Ladies European Tour Eastleigh Classic Golf Tournament

The Eastleigh Classic was a golf tournament on the Ladies European Tour that took place eight times from the mid-1980s into the early 1990s. It produced some of the lowest scores ever in 72-hole tournaments played on major world golf tours, including multiple rounds of 58 — but there was a catch.

First played: 1984

Last played: 1991

The lowest 18-hole and 72-hole scores in LET history were recorded in this tournament, which, because of its title sponsors, was known first as the JS Bloor Eastleigh Classic and then as the Bloor Homes Eastleigh Classic. Trish Johnson won with the amazing total of 242 in 1987; two other winners posted sub-250 scores.

Johnson and another winner, Dale Reid, plus Jane Connachan (who did not win any of the tournaments) all recorded rounds of 58.

So what's the catch? The catch was the golf course: the municipal Fleming Park Golf Club in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England, which was just a par-66 golf course. That makes for a 72-hole par of 264. The golf course doesn't exist anymore, shutting down in 2008.

Reid won the Eastleigh Classic the first and last times it was played. Johnson was a two-time winner; and Debbie Dowling won twice, too, as well as finishing runner-up twice.

Winners of the Eastleigh Classic Tournament

1984 — Dale Reid, 254
1985 — Christine Sharp, 261
1986 — Debbie Dowling, 254
1987 — Trish Johnson, 242
1988 — Corinne Dibnah, 256
1989 — Debbie Dowling, 261
1990 — Trish Johnson, 249
1991 — Dale Reid, 249

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