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10th Hole at Augusta National: Camellia

Par: Par 4 Length: 495 yards Name: Camellia The hole that begins Augusta National Golf Club's back nine, the 10th hole, is the most-difficult one on the golf course by Masters Tournament scoring average.

How to Play a N.O.S.E. Tournament in Golf

If you don't want to blow your NOSE tournament, first start by understanding what a "N.O.S.E." tournament is in golf. It's a tournament format in which the golfers count their scores only on holes that begin with one of the letters that make up "N.O.S.E."

Magnolia Lane At Augusta National Golf Club

Magnolia Lane at Augusta National Golf Club is, really, just a driveway. But it is perhaps the most famous driveway in America. And every year at Masters Tournament time, it leads golfers and golf fans on a weeklong journey.

18th Hole at Augusta National: Holly

Par: Par 4 Length: 465 yards Name: Holly The 18th hole at Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most-famous closing holes in golf by virtue of its being the home hole for both ANGC and The Masters Tournament.

Augusta National Scorecard: Hole Names, Yards, Pars and More

Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most exclusive golf clubs on the planet, a place that cares mightily about its reputation and about appearances. But the Augusta National scorecard, on the other hand, is about as plain-Jane as it gets: simple dark text on a white background. Nothing fancy, no wasted words or excess information, no special graphics. Just the facts:

The Long and Short Golf Format

How do you play the golf format named Long and Short? It's right there in the name: Long and Short is a 2-person team game in which one of the partners plays all the long shorts and the other plays all the short shots.

12th Hole at Augusta National: Golden Bell

Par: Par 3 Length: 155 yards Name: Golden Bell One of the most famous par-3 holes in all of golf, the 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club is named "Golden Bell." It sits down in one corner of the course with Rae's Creek crossing in front of the green.

How 'Bo Derek' Became a Golf Expression and What It Means

In golf, a "Bo Derek" is usually something you don't want ... but sometimes you do. That's because "Bo Derek" is a slang term with two different meanings, but one of those meanings is far more common than the other.

The Masters Theme Song and the Lyrics You Never Knew Existed

You know the Masters theme song, right? That's the instrumental music that plays at the start of every Masters Tournament TV broadcast on CBS. That song has a name — Augusta (surprise, surprise) — and it was composed by Dave Loggins. But the TV version every golf fan knows doesn't have any words:

What Are the Tiger Tees On a Golf Course?

The term "Tiger tees" is a slang term in golf for the tee boxes used in professional tournaments. In other words, the Tiger tees are the rearmost teeing grounds a golf course has available.

Explaining the Selected Score Golf Format

Do you like to play 36 holes in one day? Do you have buddies who enjoy the same? Then get a group together and go play the golf format called Selected Score (or Select Score). Selected Score can also be used as a two-day tournament format or as a bonus game or wager in a two-day tournament.

Does Putter Shaft Flex Have Any Effect on Putting Success?

Another way of asking the question in the title of this article: Do golfers need to worry about — to think at all about — the flex (stiff, regular, etc.) of the shaft in their putter? The short answer: Almost certainly not.

Amateur Winners in Golf Majors Plus Best Finishes Since

How many amateur golfers have won a men's professional major? Have any amateur golfers come close to winning lately? We can aswer those questions, so let's get to it.

How to Play the Blind Nine Golf Format

In the Blind Nine golf tournament format, sometimes called Blind Hole (or Blind 9), only nine of the 18 holes count for each team's final score. The catch? The teams don't know which nine holes count until the round is over.

How to Play the Arnies Bet in Golf

"Arnies" is the name of a side bet in golf that golfers can play within a group. The bet pays off to a golfer who makes par on a hole without ever being in the fairway. Miss the fairway on your drive, miss the fairway on your approach, yet still make par on the hole? You just won an Arnie.

Explaining the Golf Side Bet Named Fish

"Fish" is the name of a side bet in golf that involves making the first birdie of the round, the longest birdie putt, and the most overall birdies. If your group doesn't make a lot of birdies, then you'll need to use handicaps and net scores to make Fish a fun game. Here's how Fish works with in a group of two, three or four golfers:

Oldest Winners Ever on the Champions Tour

In the history of the Champions Tour, the PGA Tour's circuit for golfers 50 and older, only four golfers have won past the age of 62. And only one of those was 63.

How to Play the Golf Game Named English

"English" is the name of a golf game for a group of three golfers. On each hole, those three golfers split six points between them based on which of them made the low score, the middle score and the high score.

The Golf Course 'Burn': Do You Know What It Is?

Golfers (and everyone else) in Scotland, England and some other Commonwealth countries know exactly what a "burn" is on a golf course. But Americans and other golfers mostly hear the term once a year, during the British Open.

Ralph Stonehouse, Golfer Who Hit First Shot in Masters History

Ralph Stonehouse was a highly respected PGA golf professional. He won on the PGA Tour. Today, he is largely forgotten by PGA Tour golf fans, however, except for one thing: Stonehouse played the very first stroke in the history of The Masters Tournament.