What Is a 'Chicken Stick' in Golf?

In golf, "chicken stick" is a slang term for a golf club that a golfer chooses over a different club because he is being cautious. Or, as that golfer's buddies might tease him, because he is too scared — too chicken — to attempt the more aggressive shot.

Not sure you can hit a tight fairway with driver so you choose the 3-hybrid? Then the 3-hybrid is a chicken stick. Not sure you can clear the water in front of the green with a 3-iron, so you decide to play it safe and lay up with a 9-iron? Then the 9-iron is the chicken stick.

Yes, "chicken stick" is an expression most likely to be heard within a group of golf buddies who enjoy needling one another. "C'mon, man, go for it — don't use the chicken stick!"

If your golf group is very competitive, then the other golfers needling you about the chicken stick is a way for them to goad you into making a riskier play.

Just remember: When money or just bragging rights are on the line, your buddies don't necessarily have your best interests at heart. Trying the hero shot, or just the more difficult shot, is often fun and sometimes the appropriate play. But if you are playing for a score, making smart club selections is part of it. And that often means that the so-called chicken stick is the right play.

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