How to Play the '6 In 60' Golf Format

"6 In 60" (or "Six in Sixty") is the name of a golf format that friends, competitors and golf associations can use when they want to stage a competition but in very little time. The number "6" refers to the number of holes being played; the number "60" refers to the minutes it should take all golfers to finish the assigned course.

So 6 In 60 means playing six holes in sixty minutes. In order to help with the time goal, all six holes are par-3 holes.

Of course, not all golf courses have six par-3 holes, and even on those that do, those holes are spread out around the golf course. Do golfers in the tournament have to sprint from one par-3 to the next several holes up the course? No, that would take time.

Instead, tournament organizers should pick six consecutive holes on the golf course, preferably a stretch that does include more than one real par-3 hole. On the other holes, temporary tees are set up in the fairway to make those holes play to par-3 distances. Just remember that one of the points of the 6 In 60 format is squeezing in a competition in a short amount of time. So don't set up any of those temporary par-3s to be very long holes.

Is Six In Sixty an individual game, a team game? Is it stroke play, match play, Stableford? That's all up to the organizers. But make choices that fit with one of the goals of the game, which is that each group finishes in one hour.

Handicaps? They are typically in play, and the typical use is this: limits of 18 for men and 26 for women; divide by three and round down. So a woman with a handicap of 30 plays off of 26. Divide 26 by three and you get 8.67, which rounds down to 8.

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