What Is a 'Jack and Jill' Golf Tournament?

When you see a local golf tournament called a Jack and Jill, that just means that it involves men and women partnering as teammates or team members. Some tournament organizers will used the term "mixed" (as in "mixed foursomes") to mean the same thing, others prefer using the Jack & Jill term.

A Jack and Jill tournament can use any scoring or competition format. That fact that a tournament is called a Jack and Jill implies nothing about the actual playing format other than the teams will be comprised of both men and women.

Two-person teams, one man and one woman, are probably most common for a Jack & Jill. But four-person teams (two men, two women) are also common.

And there are certain formats that are more commonly used for Jack & Jill tournaments. For two-person teams, Greensomes is a good one. In that one, the man and woman partners both tee off on the hole, then switch balls (the man play's the woman's ball and vice-versa). After that, they play alternate shot into the hole.

With four-person teams, Two Best Balls is a common format for a Jack & Jill. Regular Two Best Balls tournaments require the two lowest scores among the four golfers on each hole to count as the team score. In a Jack & Jill Two Best Balls, the low score of the two men on the team is combined with the low score of the two women on the team to form the team score on each hole.

And then there is "3 Jacks and a Jill." This is a tournament type you sometimes see organized by Ladies Golf Associations for their playdays. Each member of the LGA rounds up (or is paired with) three men who play as her partners.

More golf formats:

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