Most Wins in Their 30s on the PGA Tour: The All-Time Best

Ben Hogan 1952 Wheaties trading card
Which golfer, from age 30 through age 39, won the most golf tournaments on the PGA Tour? That's the question we answer here.

Not surprisingly, the golfers who make the list are some of the winningest golfers of all-time, not just in their 30s but overall. A pro golfer's 30s are prime winning years, and only the prime-time players are in contention for this record.

The Record-Holder: Ben Hogan, 43 Wins

Ben Hogan won 64 total PGA Tour tournaments, and 43 of those wins happened during his 30s — the all-time PGA Tour record.

The fact that Hogan holds this record is even more impressive when you recall that the car crash that nearly killed him happened when Hogan was 36 years old. Oh, and there was also that little thing called World War II, during which Hogan spent two years enlisted, and during which the tournament schedule was reduced for several seasons.

Hogan's first win in his 30s was the 1942 Rochester Times-Union Open, which Hogan won by three strokes over runner-up Craig Wood three days after his 30th birthday.

Hogan's last win in his 30s was the 1952 Colonial National Invitation, which Hogan won by four strokes over Lloyd Mangrum.

Six of Hogans wins during his 30s were in major championships: the 1946 PGA Championship, 1948 PGA Championship, 1948 U.S. Open, 1950 U.S. Open, 1951 Masters and 1951 U.S. Open.

The List: Most Wins in 30s on the PGA Tour

  • 43 — Ben Hogan (64 wins total)
  • 42 — Arnold Palmer (62 wins total)
  • 39 — Tiger Woods (82 wins total)
  • 38 — Jack Nicklaus (73 wins total)
  • 37 — Sam Snead (82 wins total)
  • 35 — Byron Nelson (52 wins total)
  • 34 — Billy Casper (51 wins total)

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