1951 Masters Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1951 Masters was the 15th time the tournament was played. The golfer nicknamed "the Hawk" swooped in for the win. Ben Hogan won his first Masters title on the strength of a final-round 68. It was the only round under 70 on the final day; many others struggled. For example, third-round co-leader Sam Snead skied to an 80.

Winner: Ben Hogan, 280

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 5-8, 1951

Leader after first round: George Fazio, 68

Leader after second round: Skee Riegel, 141

Leader after third round: Skee Riegel and Sam Snead, 211

What Happened at the 1951 Masters Tournament

Skee Riegel and Sam Snead began the final round of the 1951 Masters with 1-stroke leads over Ben Hogan. Riegel played well, but Hogan played better. And Snead? He blew up with an 80 that included an 8 after hitting into water twice on the 11th hole, and the Slammer finished 11 strokes off the lead.

Riegel, a first-year pro, was solid with a 71, but Hogan played bogey-free golf in the final round, firing a 68 and winning by two strokes. For Hogan, it was his first Masters victory, and his fifth major championship win.

Hogan, 38 years old, stood fourth after an opening-round 70. He was tied for second place, one stroke behind leader Riegel, after 36 holes following a 72 in the second. And Hogan's 70 in Round 3 put him in position behind co-leaders Riegel and Snead going into the final round.

Hogan had twice before finished as runner-up at Augusta National, in the 1942 Masters and 1946 Masters. He later won a second Masters title in 1953.

An interesting historical note: While the 11th, 12th and 13th holes at Augusta National are today known as Amen Corner, that name had not yet been bestowed at the time of the 1951 Masters. But the Associated Press article that appeared in newspapers the day after Hogan's victory pointed out that several of Hogan's pursuers ran into trouble on holes 10 through 12. The AP sportswriter noted that many golfers nicknamed that stretch of holes "Heartbreak Highway." That trouble included Snead's blow-up on the 11th and a double-bogey by Lloyd Mangrum, who finished in third place, on the 12th hole.

Future major championship winner Dow Finsterwald made his Masters debut here, finishing tied for 50th as an amateur. Another debut: the silver medal given to Masters runners-up was first awarded this year (joining the gold medal given to champions).

1951 Masters Final Scores

Ben Hogan 70-72-70-68—280
Skee Riegel 73-68-70-71—282
Lloyd Mangrum 69-74-70-73—286
Lew Worsham 71-71-72-72—286
Dave Douglas 74-69-72-73—288
Lawson Little 72-73-72-72—289
Jim Ferrier 74-70-74-72—290
Johnny Bulla 71-72-73-75—291
Byron Nelson 71-73-73-74—291
Sam Snead 69-74-68-80—291
Jack Burke Jr. 73-72-74-73—292
a-Charlie Coe 76-71-73-73—293
Cary Middlecoff 73-73-69-78—293
Gene Sarazen 75-73-74-71—293
Ed Furgol 80-71-72-71—294
Dutch Harrison 76-71-76-71—294
Julius Boros 76-72-74-73—295
George Fazio 68-74-74-80—296
Bob Toski 75-73-73-75—296
Al Besselink 76-73-71-77—297
a-Dick Chapman 72-76-72-77—297
Roberto De Vicenzo 75-74-74-74—297
Clayton Heafner 74-72-73-78—297
Joe Kirkwood Jr. 73-71-78-75—297
Ted Kroll 76-75-71-76—298
Dick Mayer 71-75-79-73—298
Bill Nary 76-73-73-76—298
Henry Ransom 74-74-74-76—298
a-Sam Urzetta 73-72-78-75—298
Jimmy Demaret 76-74-78-71—299
Johnny Palmer 73-74-77-75—299
Leland Gibson 74-74-75-78—301
Horton Smith 79-77-70-75—301
a-Frank Stranahan 74-74-74-79—301
Marty Furgol 77-76-73-76—302
Claude Harmon 75-77-74-76—302
a-Jimmy McHale 75-76-76-75—302
a-Harvie Ward Jr. 74-77-77-74—302
Fred Haas Jr. 79-76-73-75—303
Tony Holguin 78-72-75-78—303
Herman Keiser 77-73-79-74—303
a-William Goodloe 74-71-72-88—305
Johnny Revolta 74-75-75-81—305
Ray Gafford 77-73-76-80—306
Chick Harbert 76-73-77-80—306
Harold Williams 76-77-76-78—307
Denny Shute 79-76-79-74—308
Henry Williams 77-76-77-78—308
a-Harold Paddock 75-78-80-79—312
a-Dow Finsterwald 76-81-75-81—313
a-Bobby Knowles 78-79-75-81—313
a-Juan Segura 72-80-79-82—313
a-Bill Shields 82-76-76-79—313
George Von Elm 77-76-79-81—313
a-Bill Mawhinney 83-75-73-84—315
a-Bob Sweeny 80-79-78-78—315
Johnny Farrell 81-78-83-76—318
a-John Ward 78-75-81-84—318
a-Bill Campbell 79-82-74-86—321

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