1952 Masters Tournament Results

The 1952 Masters Tournament was the event's 16th edition. From 1951-54, Sam Snead and Ben Hogan traded wins at Augusta National. It appeared a titanic final-round showdown was in store when they entered the final round tied for the lead. But strong winds blew away Hogan's chances and Snead sailed to the victory.

Winner: Sam Snead, 286

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 3-6, 1952

Leader after first round: Ray Gafford and Johnny Palmer, 69

Leader after second round: Sam Snead, 137

Leader after third round: Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, 215

What Happened at the 1952 Masters Tournament

The 1952 Masters appeared set for a Sam Snead-Ben Hogan duel in the final round, but Hogan was blown away by strong winds that Snead managed to deal with. The result was a 72 for Snead and a 79 for Hogan, who fell into a tie for seventh. Snead wound up with a 4-stroke victory over runner-up Jack Burke Jr.

Hogan bogeyed the first, fourth and fifth holes of his final round, along with the 14th-16th holes plus the final hole, and had zero birdies in the round.

Snead won despite shooting 77 in the third round. The final two rounds were played under strong winds, leading to tough scoring conditions, and despite that 77 Snead was able to earn the second of his three career Masters wins. Hogan was the defending champion and won again the following year, while Snead won in 1949 and 1954 in addition to this year.

The Champions Dinner is a longstanding tradition at The Masters. It's the dinner held each year during tournament week at Augusta, hosted by the defending champion, with the defending champ responsible for selecting the menu. The 1952 Masters was the site of the very first Champions Dinner, which was arranged by Ben Hogan.

This was the first year that Augusta National awarded a Silver Cup to the Masters' low amateur. The first low amateur to receive the cup: Chuck Kocsis, who tied for 14th place.

Tommy Jacobs, age 17, finished 60th and set a record as the tournament's youngest player that stood until 2010.

1952 Masters Final Scores

Sam Snead 70-67-77-72—286
Jack Burke Jr. 76-67-78-69—290
Al Besselink 70-76-71-74—291
Tommy Bolt 71-71-75-74—291
Jim Ferrier 72-70-77-72—291
Lloyd Mangrum 71-74-75-72—292
Julius Boros 73-73-76-71—293
Fred Hawkins 71-73-78-71—293
Ben Hogan 70-70-74-79—293
Lew Worsham 71-75-73-74—293
Cary Middlecoff 72-72-72-78—294
Johnny Palmer 69-74-75-77—295
Johnny Revolta 71-71-77-77—296
George Fazio 72-71-78-76—297
Claude Harmon 73-74-77-73—297
a-Chuck Kocsis 75-78-71-73—297
Ted Kroll 74-74-76-73—297
Skee Riegel 75-71-78-73—297
Joe Kirkwood Jr. 71-77-74-76—298
a-Frank Stranahan 72-74-76-76—298
Doug Ford 71-74-79-75—299
Bobby Locke 74-71-79-75—299
a-Harvie Ward Jr. 72-71-78-78—299
a-Arnold Blum 74-77-77-74—302
Clayton Heafner 76-74-74-78—302
Byron Nelson 72-75-78-77—302
Skip Alexander 71-73-77-82—303
Smiley Quick 73-76-79-75—303
Norman Von Nida 77-77-73-76—303
Dave Douglas 76-69-81-78—304
Vic Ghezzi 77-77-76-74—304
Ed Oliver 72-72-77-83—304
Horton Smith 74-73-77-80—304
Charles Bassler 74-75-79-77—305
Stan Leonard 75-76-75-79—305
a-Al Mengert 74-77-78-76—305
Earl Stewart 75-80-75-75—305
Ed Furgol 74-77-78-77—306
Chandler Harper 76-74-79-77—306
Bob Hamilton 80-71-81-75—307
Bob Toski 80-72-78-77—307
Walt Burkemo 80-74-76-78—308
a-Johnny Dawson 74-78-78-78—308
Marty Furgol 73-76-79-80—308
a-Bobby Knowles 78-77-79-74—308
a-Charlie Coe 80-76-81-72—309
Dow Finsterwald 72-72-83-82—309
a-Sam Urzetta 78-73-76-82—309
Ray Gafford 69-80-81-80—310
a-Billy Maxwell 77-77-77-79—310
Denny Shute 74-77-78-81—310
a-William Goodloe 77-71-77-86—311
Henry Picard 76-77-78-80—311
Reggie Myles 77-75-80-80—312
a-Ted Bishop 82-75-81-75—313
Al Brosch 76-74-85-78—313
a-Dick Chapman 72-79-80-82—313
a-Bob Sweeny 74-77-79-83—313
Craig Wood 73-81-80-80—314
a-Tommy Jacobs 79-81-77-79—316
a-Jimmy Frisina 74-79-88-81—322

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