1953 Masters Tournament Winner and Scores

Ben Hogan won the 1953 Masters, the tournament's 17th edition, with a score that was five strokes better than anyone had done before.

Winner: Ben Hogan, 274

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 9-12, 1953

Leader after first round: Chick Harbert, 68

Leader after second round: Ben Hogan, 139

Leader after third round: Ben Hogan, 205

What Happened at the 1953 Masters Tournament

The year 1953 was a magical one for Ben Hogan. He played only seven tour events, but won five of them. And he won all three majors he played, including the 1953 Masters. He went on to the U.S. Open a couple months later, and then the Open Championship. (Hogan didn't play the PGA Championship because its dates conflicted with those of the British Open.)

It was the second of Hogan's two Masters victories, and the seventh of his nine career titles in majors. After 1953, Hogan never again won a major.

At the 1953 Masters, however, Hogan finished five strokes ahead of runner-up Ed "Porky" Oliver. Hogan set a new scoring record in The Masters with his 274 total, breaking the previous record by five. Hogan's 274 total stood as the record until Jack Nicklaus lowered it at the 1965 Masters.

Hogan opened with a 70, the highest score he shot all week, and was two strokes off the first-round lead. But he took the lead with a second-round 69, opened a 4-stroke edge with a third-round 66, and closed with a 69.

Runner-up Oliver finished at 279, which, without Hogan's score, would have tied the previous tournament record. A winning score of 279 was first established by Ralph Guldahl at the 1939 Masters and matched by Claude Harmon in 1948.

Five-time British Open champ Peter Thomson played The Masters for the first time, finishing tied for 36th. Thomson didn't play much in America and was never a fan of Augusta National, and entered The Masters only eight times.

1953 Masters Final Scores

Ben Hogan 70-69-66-69—274
Ed Oliver 69-73-67-70—279
Lloyd Mangrum 74-68-71-69—282
Bob Hamilton 71-69-70-73—283
Tommy Bolt 71-75-68-71—285
Chick Harbert 68-73-70-74—285
Ted Kroll 71-70-73-72—286
Jack Burke Jr. 78-69-69-71—287
Al Besselink 69-75-70-74—288
Julius Boros 73-71-75-70—289
Chandler Harper 74-72-69-74—289
Fred Hawkins 75-70-74-70—289
Johnny Palmer 74-73-72-71—290
a-Frank Stranahan 72-75-69-75—291
a-Harvie Ward Jr. 73-74-69-75—291
a-Charlie Coe 75-74-72-71—292
Jim Ferrier 74-71-76-71—292
Dick Mayer 73-72-71-76—292
Sam Snead 71-75-71-75—292
Earl Stewart 75-72-70-75—292
Jerry Barber 73-76-72-72—293
Doug Ford 73-73-72-75—293
Leland Gibson 73-71-72-78—294
Al Mengert 77-70-75-72—294
Dick Metz 73-72-71-78—294
Fred Haas Jr. 74-73-71-77—295
Cary Middlecoff 75-76-68-77—296
Jim Turnesa 73-74-73-76—296
Skip Alexander 72-78-74-73—297
Byron Nelson 73-73-78-73—297
Skee Riegel 74-72-76-75—297
Felice Torza 78-73-72-74—297
Bo Wininger 80-70-72-75—297
Clarence Doser 75-77-71-75—298
Claude Harmon 75-73-75-75—298
a-Bob Sweeny 75-76-72-75—298
a-Dick Chapman 72-77-78-72—299
Al Brosch 74-73-78-75—300
a-James Jackson 75-77-74-74—300
Milon Marusic 70-72-77-81—300
Henry Picard 73-75-74-78—300
Gene Sarazen 75-78-73-74—300
Peter Thomson 77-76-74-73—300
Lew Worsham 74-70-77-80—301
a-Bill Campbell 75-78-74-75—302
a-Don Cherry 73-76-79-74—302
Jimmy Demaret 73-80-75-74—302
a-Chuck Kocsis 75-75-75-77—302
Horton Smith 78-76-72-76—302
Sam Parks Jr. 73-76-76-79—304
Johnny Bulla 75-77-81-72—305
George Fazio 77-74-77-77—305
Harry Todd 78-73-75-80—306
Jack Westland 81-74-75-76—306
a-Arnold Blum 76-73-77-82—308
Ricardo Rossi 75-81-80-72—308
Denny Shute 78-81-74-75—308
Johnny Revolta 77-77-75-81—310
Frank Champ 85-72-77-77—311
Bill Trombley 78-75-79-79—311
a-John De Bendern 80-77-75-80—312
Craig Wood 81-78-76-80—315
Olin Dutra 80-78-82-78—318
Chick Evans 85-79-79-85—328

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