North British-Harrogate Golf Tournament Winners, Records

The North British-Harrogate Tournament was a men's professional golf tournament played in the North of England from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. The roster of champions includes some of the biggest names playing the British pro circuit at that time.

First played: 1947

Last played: 1954

The North British-Harrogate Tournament went through multiple format changes over the years. The first three years it was a 72-hole stroke play event. Then, for another three years, it was a 90-hole stroke play tournament.

In its last two years it switched to match play, but in the final year there were actually two tournaments: first a stroke-play event, then a match-play tournament for which the stroke-play tournament also served as a qualifier.

Bobby Locke was the only multiple winner. Roberto De Vicenzo won a stroke-play title, and also reached the championship match during the match play years before losing.

The stroke-play scoring record for 72 holes was 271 by Norman Von Nida; for 90 holes, 337 by Flory Van Donck. The largest margin of victory was six strokes by John Panton over runner-up Harry Weetman in 1952.

Also known as: Swallow-Harrogate Tournament, Swallow-Harrogate Stroke Play Tournament, Swallow-Harrogate Match Play Tournament

Winners of the North British-Harrogate Tournament

1947 — Norman Von Nida, 271
1948 — Roberto De Vicenzo, 277
1949 — Charlie Ward, 281
1950 — Bobby Locke, 348
1951 — Flory Van Donck, 337
1952 — John Panton, 343
1953 — Jack Hargreaves def. Roberto De Vicenzo, 2 and 1
1954 — Bobby Locke, 276
1954 — Eric Lester def. Antonio Cerda, 2-up

Golf courses: Three golf courses in the Harrogate, England vicinity were used over the years: Harrogate Golf Club, Oakdale Golf Club and Pannal Golf Club. Oakdale was the site the final two years.

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