How to Play the Best Drive Golf Game

What is the key to winning the golf game known as "Best Drive"? You already know, based on the name of the game: hitting the best tee shot on a hole.

In Best Drive, the golfer in your group whose drive is on the fairway and closest to the hole on each hole wins the bet on that hole. The bet might have a dollar value, or you can play Best Drive for points with the golfer who accumulates the most points winning the pot. Best Drive can also be incorporated into those catch-all points games that go by names such as Junk, Garbage or Dots.

Note that your ball has to finish on the fairway to be eligible to win the Best Drive bet or point(s). That means you'll be playing Best Drive only on driving holes (makes sense!), not on par-3 holes.

Also note that being "closest to the hole" does not necessarily mean longest drive. The best drive on a hole will often be the longest drive that is on the fairway, but sometimes it might be a drive that is slightly shorter than another, but on the side of the fairway closer to the flagstick, for example.

If you want to reward both long driving and straight driving, you can make the Best Drive game worth two points (or double the betting amount) per hole: Pick a long drive winner and a straightest drive winner on each hole.

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