Has Any Golfer Made a Hole in One on the Masters Skip Shot?

You know the Masters skip shot: Every year at The Masters Tournament, during practice rounds, most of the golfers attempt to skip their golf balls across the water of the pond in front of the 16th green. Those that get their skipped balls safely across and to the other side receive huge ovations. But has anyone ever skipped the ball into the hole? Has anyone made a Masters ball-skipping ace?

Yes! Incredibly, multiple golfers have made holes-in-ones on the Masters skip shot across the pond on Augusta National's 16th hole. And several of them have even been caught on camera.

Vijay Singh in 2009, Martin Kaymer in 2012 and Jon Rahm in 2020 all made skip shot aces that were caught on camera. The quality of these videos varies greatly, because the first two of them were shot by fans gathered around the 16th hole for the spectacle.

This is Vijay's hole-in-one in 2009:

Here is Kaymer's skipping-the-ball ace in 2012:

And here is Rahm's 2020 hole-in-one skipped across the pond (this video is professionally shot, but there is no audio):

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