Looking Back: The Dunlop-Southport Tournament in England

The Dunlop-Southport Tournament (sometimes shortened to just Southport Tournament) was played in England from the early 1930s to the late 1940s. Its champions roster includes many of the top British golfers of the era.

First played: 1930

Last played: 1948

The Dunlop-Southport Tournament took place in May in North West England. The event was discontinued when the village of Southport, through its Southport Corporation, withdrew its funding (which had been shared with the Dunlop Rubber company).

Many familiar names from the early British Ryder Cup teams, including Archie Compston, Alf Padgham and Charles Whitcombe, were winners here. Padgham was a two-time champ, as was Henry Cotton. In the first six years, Cotton won twice and was a runner-up the other four times.

Max Faulkner's first win in a big, national tournament happened here in 1946.

Also known as: Its first year it was named the Daily Dispatch Southport Tournament after the sponsoring newspaper. Dunlop took over as sponsor from the second year on.

Winners of the Dunlop-Southport Tournament

1930 — Archie Compston, 285
1931 — Henry Cotton, 287
1932 — Henry Cotton, 281
1933 — Bill Davies, 293
1934 — Alf Padgham, 279
1935 — Charles Whitcombe, 295
1936 — Alf Padgham, 282
1937 — Dick Burton, 280
1938 — Don Curtis, 287
1939-45 — Not played
1946 — Max Faulkner, 296
1947 — Norman Von Nida, 285
1948 — Fred Daly, 290

Golf courses: The tournament rotated among three golf courses in the Southport, England, area: Royal Birkdale, Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club, and Hesketh Golf Club.

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