Michelle Wie's LPGA Finishes As An Amateur

Michelle Wie played 24 times as an amateur on the LPGA Tour
Michelle Wie burst onto the international golf scene before she was even a teenager: Her first LPGA Tour appearances happened when she was only 12 years old.

From age 12 through age 15, before turning pro, Wie played in 24 LPGA tournaments. No, she didn't win any, as she later did after turning pro. But during her age 14 and 15 years she'd played pretty consistently at a high level.

These are all the LPGA tournaments Wie played before turning pro, listed chronologically, with year and her age given:

2002 (12 years old)

  • LPGA Takefuji Classic, 72-74—146, missed cut
  • Asahi Ryokuken International Championship, 81-75—156, missed cut
  • Wendy’s Championship for Children, 77-75—152, missed cut
2003 (13 years old)
  • Kraft Nabisco Championship, 72-74-66-76—288, tied for 9th
  • Chick-fil-A Charity Championship, 72-70-71—213, tied 33rd
  • ShopRite LPGA Classic, 71-72-72—215, tied 52nd
  • U.S. Women’s Open, 73-73-76-76—298, tied 39th
  • Jamie Farr Kroger Classic, 73-72—145, missed cut
  • Safeway Classic, 69-72-73—214, tied 28th
  • CJ Nine Bridges Classic, 85-78-70—233, 69th
2004 (14 years old)
  • Safeway International, 72-67-70-77—286, tied 19th
  • Kraft Nabisco Championship, 69-72-69-71—281, 4th
  • Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill, 72-67-73-72—284, tied 12th
  • U.S. Women’s Open, 71-70-71-73—285, tied 13th
  • Evian Masters, 71-71-76-69—287, tied 33rd
  • Wendy’s Championship for Children, 73-69-71-69—282, tied 6th
  • Samsung World Championship, 74-72-67-70—283, tied 13th
2005 (15 years old)
  • SBS Open, 70-70-70—210, tied 2nd
  • Safeway International, 73-67-73-71—284, tied 12th
  • Kraft Nabisco Championship, 70-74-73-71—288, tied 14th
  • McDonald’s LPGA Championship, 69-71-71-69—280, 2nd
  • U.S. Women’s Open, 69-73-72-82—296, tied 23rd
  • Evian Masters, 75-70-68-68—281, tied 2nd
  • Weetabix Women’s British Open, 75-67-67-69—278, tied 3rd
Wie turned professional late in the 2015 season, although she didn't become an LPGA Tour member until 2009.

Photo credit: "Michelle Wie"by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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