Golfers Who Made Two Aces in Same Tournament on PGA Tour

Have any golfers in PGA Tour history made two holes-in-one in the same tournament? Yes, that is something that has happened a handful of times in the tour's history.

What is a "handful of times"? In PGA Tour history, there are, so far, nine golfers who have pulled off the feat. It happened for the first time in 1946, and it happened most recently in 2015.

Of those nine golfers who made two aces in the same tournament, how many won that tournament? None. A tie for second place is the best showing by any of the double-acers, but most finished well down the leaderboard.

The List: Two Holes-in-One in Same PGA Tour Tournament

  • Jim Ferrier, 1946 San Francisco Open: Ferrier had holes-in-ones in both the first round and fourth round. He shot 74 in the first round, and scored 71 in the fourth round. He finished tied for 10th place.
  • Bill Whedon, 1955 Insurance City Open: Whedon is the only amateur who appears on this list. And both his aces happened in the first round, in which he shot 75. He finished near the bottom of the scoreboard.
  • Dick Ferguson, 1958 Jamaica Open: Ferguson had a hole-in-one in the second round, in which he scored 78; and another one in the fourth round, in which he scored 80. He finished in 17th place, albeit 32 strokes behind the winner.
  • Jay Hebert, 1959 El Paso Open: Jay Herbert's aces happened in the third and fourth rounds, when he scored 69 and 68, respectively. He is the highest finisher among golfers on this list, tying for second place behind winner Marty Furgol.
  • Jack Rule, 1964 Mountain View Open: Rule sank one hole-in-one in the first round, and another in the fourth round. His score in Round 1 was 68, and in Round 4 it was 71. He finished solo third, five strokes behind winner Jack McGowan.
  • Bob Tway, 1994 Memorial Tournament: It was 30 years after Rule's double-aces before Tway became the next to accomplish the feat. He made a hole-in-one during his first-round 71, and another during his third round 69, and finished in a tie for 38th.
  • Glen Day, 1994 Greater Hartford Open: Just a few weeks after Tway's display, Day entered the fray. He had aces in Rounds 2 and 3. Day scored 65 in the second round, 70 in the third. He finished tied for ninth place.
  • Yusaku Miyazato, 2006 Reno-Tahoe Open: Miyazato got his two holes-in-one in the same round, the second round. He scored 66 in that round and finished tied for 21st place.
  • Brian Harman, 2015 The Barclays: And both of Harman's holes-in-one happened in the same round, too, the fourth round. He had a 68 in that final round and tied for 30th place.
Note that three of the golfers above — Whedon, Miyazato and Harman — recorded two holes-in-one not just in the same PGA Tour event, but in the same round. See our article Has a Golfer Ever Made 2 Aces in Same Round on PGA Tour? for a more in-depth look at those occurrences.

Ferrier, the first-known golfer to achieve two holes-in-one in a single PGA Tour tournament, used a 6-iron to ace the 133-yard 15th hole at Olympic Club in the first round of the 1946 San Francisco Open. In the final round, he hit 4-iron to ace the 175-yard 12th hole. News stories at the time cited it as the first time a golfer had scored two aces in any significant PGA tournament, and no earlier instance has been found.

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