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What are "Golf Diversions"? They are topics outside the more serious realms of our sport. They are golf features that entertain or amuse. Topics in's Golf Diversions section will include books, movies, television, videos, jokes and more fun stuff relating to golf.

Drink Up, It's the Arnold Palmer
Here's a look at the Arnold Palmer drink, with videos exploring the drink's history, plus recipes for non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions.

Golf Boys Videos
The Golf Boys - Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan - sometimes gather together to make silly, funny send-ups of "boy bands." Here are the Golf Boys videos.

Golf Scenes from 'Seinfeld'
The sitcom Seinfeld had several episodes through its run that involved golf, usually with the wacky Kramer engaging in shenanigans. Check out the list of Seinfeld episodes that involved golf, and watch some video clips from them.

Pro Golfers Who Climbed Trees to Play Shots
Yes, sometimes - rarely - professional golfers, in tournament play, have climbed trees to play shots out of the branches. And here are a few videos to prove it.

Tiger Woods' 'Better Than Most' Putt
Watch one of the most famous putts in golf history, and read a little bit about the context of the putt, plus more facts about it.

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