Golf Joke: Worst Caddie of All-Time?

Pedro was looking forward all week to his Saturday round of golf. He was heading to a fancy resort — the type of golf course he didn't normally play. And when the day arrived, he couldn't wait to get there. It also marked a first for Pedro: He'd be using a caddie for the very first time.

But from the opening drive, things weren't going well for poor Pedro. It was a much tougher course than he was accustomed to playing. And by the eighth hole, he was already 24-over par. He had lost nine golf balls in water. And trying to hack his way out of the rough, Pedro dug a trench a foot deep.

Then, on the No. 9 green, Pedro was standing over a 1-foot putt when his caddie coughed right in the middle of his stroke. His mounting frustration at his play was pushed over the edge by his caddie's breach of etiquette.

He missed the putt, and Pedro exploded.

"You must be the worst caddie in the history of golf!" he screamed.

"I doubt it," the caddie replied. "That'd be too much of a coincidence."

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