How to Grip a Golf Club: Lessons from the Best

The golf grip — they way golfers place our hands on the golf club and hold onto it during the swing — is one of the most important factors in every golf swing. So knowing the right way to grip a golf club is very important.

Below we'll hear from some of the most famous golf instructors on how to properly hold onto your clubs. And, we'll tell you right up front, each video below contains essentially the same information. But sometimes hearing the same info being taught in just slightly different ways can be revealing to the listener in ways that a single speaker on that subject won't be.

The most important things to remember about the proper golf grip are these: the handle of the club fits into the fingers of your hands, not into the palms of your hands; and hold onto the club with a light grip pressure.

On that second factor: Obviously, you have to hold the club tightly enough that it doesn't go flying out of your hands when you swing. But you want to resist the impulse to grip it much tighter than keeping hold of the club requires. Tight grip pressure causes tension, which gets in the way of good golf swings.

How to Grip a Golf Club: Butch Harmon

How to Grip a Golf Club: David Leadbetter

Grip Tips from Hank Haney

Plus One More, Bonus Video

This video is not by a famous golf instructor, although it is from a teacher who is very respected within the industry: Michael Lamanna. This is one of our favorite videos explaining the grip, with great in-depth detail and graphics (although the video quality itself is not so great).

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