That Time a Husband and Wife Made Aces on Back-to-Back Shots

Would you believe a story told by a married couple who claimed that they not only both made holes-in-one, but that they:
  • did so in the same round of golf;
  • and on the same hole;
  • and on back-to-back shots?
"If nobody would have been around, nobody would ever believe us," Tony Blundy told the Lansing State Journal newspaper after the remarkable feat happened in 2015. "We've been laughing about it every time we think about it. It's so unbelievable that it could happen."

But it did happen, as verified by two "independent witnesses," in the language of the newspaper (the Blundys were playing as a twosome; the witnesses were not playing with the couple).

Tony and Janet Blundy were enjoying a round of golf at the Ledge Meadows Golf Course in Grand Ledge, Michigan, on Sunday, May 24, 2015, when they reached the 16th hole. For Tony, the par-3 hole played 135 yards, and he stepped up and knocked a 7-iron shot onto the green, which then rolled into the cup.

For Janet, the hole played 110 yards. She hit a pitching wedge onto the green, landing it six feet from the cup. And her ball also rolled into the cup.

The odds for both golfers in a twosome acing the same hole in the same round on back-to-back swings are so astronomically high that nobody, apparently, has bothered to calculate them. The National Hole In One Association told the Lansing newspaper that the odds of two golfers within a foursome acing the same hole in the same round are around 26 million-to-one.

The two witnesses who saw the shots were strangers to the Blundys, and the witnesses reached the green before the husband-and-wife did, confirming both balls in the hole.

Surely one of the unlikeliest hole-in-one stories we'll ever hear.

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