6th Hole at Augusta National: Juniper

  • Par: Par 3
  • Length: 180 yards
  • Name: Juniper
The No. 3 hole at Augusta National Golf Club is a straighforward par-3 that, playing downhill, lets many Masters participants today play it with a short iron. The green is large and has multiple levels thanks to undulations, with a large bunker in front. Misplacement of the tee shot can bring three-putts into play. When the pin is in the back-left position, the cup is sitting on a small shelf that falls off to all sides.

Juniper (scientific name Juniperus virginiana) is an evergreen tree. Male junipers produce cones; female junipers produce berries and flowers in late summer. Juniper trees are tall and upright — their height is usually two to four times their spread, and they can grow to 50 feet.

Here is an animated flyover of the sixth hole produced for Golfweek:

Scoring Stats on Augusta National Hole 6

The No. 6 hole at Augusta National has, historically, played to an all-time average of 3.14 strokes. That makes it the 13th-hardest (sixth-easiest) hole on the golf course during Masters Tournament play.

The sixth hole has played under par during a Masters Tournament: The easiest No. 6 has ever played for a single tournament is 2.984 strokes during the 1974 Masters. The highest stroke average it has had is 3.269 during the 1946 Masters (a stream, long since filled in, fronted the putting green at that time).

All-Time Best and Worst Scores on Augusta's 6th Hole

Highest score ever on No. 6: The worst score ever made during a Masters Tournament on Augusta's 6th hole is a quadruple bogey (4-over-par) 7. Three golfers have had that misfortune:
  • Jose Maria Olazabal, 1991
  • Arnold Palmer, 1997
  • Branden Grace, 2016
Lowest score ever on No. 6: The best score ever recorded on Hole 6 is a hole-in-one. So far in Masters history, there have been five aces on the hole during tournament play:
  • Leland Gibson, 1954
  • Billy Joe Patton, 1954
  • Charles Coody, 1972
  • Chris DiMarco, 2004
  • Jamie Donaldson, 2013
Best 4-round tournament score ever on No. 6: No golfer has yet birdied the sixth hole during all four rounds of The Masters. But many golfers have played the hole in 3-under-par 9 over four rounds. The first to do so was Henry Picard in the 1940 Masters. This is the list:
  • Henry Picard, 1940 (3,2,2,2)
  • Lew Worsham, 1949 (3,2,2,2)
  • Johnny Palmer, 1957 (3,2,2,2)
  • Gay Brewer, 1967 (2,2,2,3)
  • John Schlee, 1974 (3,2,2,2)
  • Maurice Bembridge, 1975 (2,2,3,2)
  • Tom Weiskopf, 1975 (3,2,2,2)
  • Dave Barr, 1986 (2,2,3,2)
  • Vijay Singh, 2006 (3,2,2,2)
  • Tiger Woods, 2011 (2,2,3,2)
  • Matt Kuchar, 2011 (2,3,2,2)
  • Ian Poulter, 2012 (2,3,2,2)
  • Dustin Johnson, 2015 (2,3,2,2)
  • Brooks Koepka, 2015 (2,2,2,3)
  • Justin Rose, 2020 (2,2,3,2)
Worst 4-round tournament score on No. 6: The highest cumulative score on No. 6 during a Masters is 5-over 17, a score recorded three times so far:
  • Ralph Guldahl, 1946 (5,4,5,3)
  • Jose Maria Olazabal, 1991 (4,7,3,3)
  • Ernie Els, 2017 (4,4,5,4)

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