Chipping Drill: Accelerate Through Impact to Avoid Mis-Hits

By Karen Palacios-Jansen

Here's a simple practice drill that will help you learn to keep the clubhead accelerating through the impact area when chipping — something you must do to avoid mis-hits (such as chunk shots and skulled shots) on chip shots.

Step 1: Take your wedge and grip it halfway down the shaft. Place the grip of the club along your front hip, as in the images above.

Step 2: Assume your chipping stance.

Step 3: Make a backswing, and then on the downswing pull the clubhead toward the target. Keep the handle away from your hip as you follow-through.

You want to be able to keep the grip-end of the club from hitting your hip on the follow-through.

If you do this drill incorrectly and decelerate, flipping your wrists at the moment of impact (to "help" the ball into the air), then the handle of the club will hit your side.

This drill prevents you from letting the clubhead get in front of your hands at the moment of impact, and teaches you the feel of keeping the clubhead moving through impact.

Another Method to Keep Your Hands in Front of Clubhead Through Impact

A very similar but slightly different way of getting the feel of the clubhead accelerating through impact is to perform the same drill using two clubs (photos above). One club is extended along your front hip. You can take practice swings this way or even chip a few shots to get the correct feeling.

This method will also help you keep your hands in front of the clubhead when chipping, which you want to do to avoid deceleration and flipping your wrists.

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