The 'Herman and Sherman' Golf Practice Game

Do you know Herman and Sherman? They are the namesakes of a practice game for golfers. One of them can only hit draws, and the other can only hit fades. And if you play the practice game named "Herman and Sherman," that's what you'll be practicing: hitting draws and fades.

Generally, Herman and Sherman goes like this: On the first two holes, you attempt to draw the ball to your target on each shot. On the third and four holes, you attempt to fade the ball to your target on each shot. On Holes 5 and 6, go back to trying draws. On Holes 7 and 8, it's back to fades. And so on: Alternate attempting to play draws and fades every two holes, and attempt to play those shots on every stroke from off the green.

Obviously, if you were out attempting to post a score, you'd only try to draw the ball or fade the ball if the particular shot called for it. But Herman and Sherman is a practice game. If you want to improve your ability to work the ball right-to-left and to work the ball left-to-right, then this is a great way to work on it.

And if you are trying to work the ball on every shot, then you'll be playing shots with more or less club that you might typically, or by choking up or choking down. Herman & Sherman will really engage your creativity on the golf course.

If you are an advanced golfer who is already pretty good at drawing and fading the ball, then you can try alternating every hole rather than every-other-hole. Or you can even try hitting a draw on one stroke, fade on the next, draw after that, then fade, and so on.

It's important to keep in mind, though, that Herman and Sherman will require more time for 18 holes than if you were playing a typical round. It's a practice game, after all. So plan plenty of time for yourself, and make sure you aren't holding up any golfers behind you on the course. It's best to play Herman and Sherman at a time or at a place where you know you'll have a few holes buffer between yourself and any golfers behind.

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