The 'Odd Fellows' Golf Game Explained

Odd Fellows is the name of a golf game that can be played between two golfers, or between all the golfers in a group of three or four. In this game, the players get to toss out three of their worst scores.

Odd Fellows is usually played as a side game within a group of golfers. The basics are very basic, indeed: At the end of your round, pick three holes and throw out those scores. Now add up your other 15 scores. That is your Odd Fellows score. Simple!

Are there any other rules to this game? Usually, yes, there is also this stipulation: For your three holes to toss out, you must include one par-3 hole, one par-4 hole and one par-5 hole. Some groups don't require that, allowing golfers to select their three worst scores regardless of the par of the holes. But this stipulation — one each of a par-3, par-4 and par-5 — is the most-common way to play Odd Fellows.

As stated above, golfers add up their scores on the 15 remaining holes, and those are the scores that determine order of finish. And, if you have money riding on the outcome, who owes who and how much.

This format is also sometimes called Strike Three. Another game, Hate 'Em, is similar but requires to golfers choose the three holes before the round begins.

Note that Odd Fellows can also be used as a tournament format, but it is much more common as a side game.

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