The Hate 'Em Golf Game Explained

You know those holes on your home golf course, or any course you play regularly, that always seem to give you trouble? Those holes you know very well, but always seem to somehow mess up on? Don't you just hate those holes? Well, in the golf game named Hate 'Em, you'll like those holes — because you get to write down pars on them before the round even begins.

In Hate 'Em, before the round begins each golfer playing the game selects three holes. And for each of those three holes, you write down a par.

A stipulation that usually (but not always) applies in Hate 'Em is that the three holes must be comprised of one par-3, one par-4 and one par-5. Your group can decide among its members whether this stipulation applies to your round of Hate 'Em. Alternately, you can make all holes on the golf course eligible to be selected as the Hate 'Em holes.

Hate 'Em can be played as a betting game within a group of golf buddies, or it can be used as a tournament format. If you are playing Hate 'Em on a golf course you're not familiar with, then check the scorecard and choose the highest-handicap holes.

At the end of the round, tally up your scorecard as usual — giving yourself pars on your three Hate 'Em holes — and low score wins.

By the way, golfers do still play their three Hate 'Em holes, you just write down a par for each regardless of actual score. If you want to add a side game to the main Hate 'Em bet, then all golfers playing can tally up separately their actual scores on the Hate 'Em holes and compare those. That only works, however, if you've stipulated that your Hate 'Em holes must include one par-3, one par-4 and one par-5.

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