The Abbreviation 'cc' in Golf

The abbreviation "cc" stands for "cubic centimeters" and is used to let golfers know, primarily, the size of wood and wood-like hybrid clubheads.

In golf, "cc" denotes the volume of a clubhead. For example, a driver might have a 440cc clubhead; that is, a clubhead whose volume is 440 cubic centimeters. The greater the number, the larger the clubhead.

Currently, according to the USGA and R&A rules on club design, 460cc is the maximum size of driver heads that is "legal" for use in rounds covered by the Rules of Golf. It is uncommon today to find drivers marketed to the general golf consumer that are not 460cc, although some marketed to very low-handicap golfers are still made at slightly smaller sizes.

Some companies make non-conforming drivers with significantly larger cc measurements. Some drivers have come to the non-conforming market with clubhead volumes of 750 or even 1,000 cc's. However, the non-conforming market is a tiny slice of the overall golf market because of the stigma of using clubs that are not allowed under the Rules of Golf.

In general, the greater the volume of the clubhead, the larger the sweetspot will be, which means the more forgiving the club should be for most golfers relative to smaller clubheads. However, clubhead size is just one of many variables club designers can use to influence the playing properties of clubs.

The abbreviation "cc" is most commonly used with woods and wood-style hybrids. In theory, the volume of any golf club can be expressed in cubic centimeters, but its usage is typically limited to those clubs with hollow heads.

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