The Daily Mail Tournament (Winners, Records)

The Daily Mail Tournament was a men's professional golf tournament played in the U.K. from the 1910s until the 1950s, although with two gaps in its history. It was at various times among the leading tournaments in Europe, and was named after the newspaper that sponsored the tournament.

First played: 1919

Last played: 1950

When the Daily Mail Tournament debuted in 1919, it was a year in which, due to the lingering effects of World War I, the British Open was not played. So this tournament was one of the ways golf got restarted in Britain after the war.

That first tournament ended in a tie between George Duncan and Abe Mitchell (there was no playoff). Duncan went on to be the tournament's only three-time champion (and was runner-up once). Mitchell won twice total, and was runner-up three times. Eventually joining Mitchell as two-time winners were Alf Padgham and Charlie Ward.

In 1945, in what was called the Daily Mail Victory Tournament, this event once again re-started British tournament golf following a war. It was the first tournament played after World War II. The winner, Charlie Ward, was still serving in the Royal Air Force and he was punished after returning late to his base following the win.

The tournament scoring record was 270, set by Norman Von Nida in his 1948 victory. The largest margin of victory was achieved by Charles Whitcombe: nine strokes in 1924.

There were two playoffs over the course of the Daily Mail Tournament's history, both 36 holes. In 1939, Henry Cotton defeated Archie Compston. And in the tournament's final year of 1950, Charlie Ward defeated Bobby Locke and Ossie Pickworth.

Also known as: In its first year, the tournament was sponsored by the Daily Mail but was named the St. Andrews Tournament. Every other year it was called the Daily Mail Tournament.

The Daily Mail Tournament Winners

1919 — (tie) George Duncan, Abe Mitchell, 312
1920 — George Duncan, 291
1921 — Albert Hallam, 295
1922 — George Duncan, 300
1923 — Ted Ray, 288
1924 — Charles Whitcombe, 289
1925 — Charles Johns, 293
1926 — Aubrey Boomer, 297
1927 — Abe Mitchell, 294
1928–35 — Not played
1936 — Alf Padgham, 284
1937 — Sam King, 283
1938 — Alf Perry, 284
1939 — Henry Cotton, 292
1940 — Dick Burton, 280
1941–44 — Not played
1945 — Charlie Ward, 298
1946 — Alf Padgham, 301
1947 — Dai Rees, 279
1948 — Norman Von Nida, 270
1949 — Tom Haliburton, 271
1950 — Charlie Ward, 290

Golf courses: The tournament was played at a different golf course each year, moving around Great Britain, visiting the Channel Island of Jersey, and one year (1948) even taking place in Australia. The Old Course at St. Andrews was where it started, and The Old Course was the site three other years, too. Other British Open courses where The Daily Mail Tournament was played included Royal Lytham & St. Annes and Royal Cinque Ports. Wentworth, Walton Heath and Sunningdale were some of the non-links courses used.

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