West End Golf Tournament in Australia

The West End Tournament was a golf tournament played in Australia from the early 1960s into the mid-1970s. It was part of the men's circuit in Australia at the time.

First played: 1962

Last played: 1974

The tournament was 72 holes of stroke play, except for the first year when it debuted as a 36-hole event. It was won every year but three by Australians; the exceptions were New Zealander Walter Godfrey, who won twice, and Guy Wolstenholme of England.

The dominant player in the West End was future Hall of Famer Kel Nagle, who won it five times, including the final time it was played. The most successful Australian on the world stage in this era, Peter Thomson, was runner-up in 1963, but never won.

The lowest winning score was 272 by Len Thomas in 1963. The largest winning margin was five strokes by Wolstenholme in 1969 and Godfrey in 1971. In addition to Godfrey's two wins, he was also twice runner-up.

Winners of the West End Tournament

1962 — Frank Phillips, 138
1963 — Len Thomas, 272
1964 — (tie) Walter Godfrey, Frank Phillips, 280
1965 — John Sullivan, 278
1966 — (tie) Murray Crafter, Kel Nagle, 274
1967 — Kel Nagle, 274
1968 — Kel Nagle, 279
1969 — Guy Wolstenholme, 274
1970 — Frank Phillips, 277
1971 — Walter Godfrey, 276
1972 — Kel Nagle, 275
1973 — David Galloway, 276
1974 — Kel Nagle, 281

Golf course: The West End Tournament was always played at Victor Harbor Golf Club in Victor Harbor, South Australia.

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