Golfers Who Won on the PGA Tour the Week After Winning a Major

How many times in PGA Tour history has a golfer won a major championship and then followed it up with a "regular" win the following week? Since 1934, it has happened 11 times.

That's one fewer times than a golfer has won a PGA Tour tournament the week before a major, and then won the major. So it's rare. Often a golfer who wins a major winds up withdrawing from the next week's tournament, if they were entered in the first place. That's one reason this accomplishment isn't more common.

Another reason is that it's hard to win a major and it's hard to win two weeks in a row on the PGA Tour. But it happens! And these are the times when a golfer has followed a major championship win with a PGA Tour win the very next week:

Tiger Woods is the only golfer so far who has achieved this distinction twice. And the year 1978 is the only year so far in which two different major winners both won the week after those major victories.

Have any golfers pulled off both feats — winning a PGA Tour event the week before winning a major, and winning a PGA Tour event the week after winning a major? Yes: Woods and Ralph Guldahl appear on both lists.

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