Golfers Who Won the Week Before Winning a Major

Phil Mickelson is one of the golfers to win on the PGA Tour the week before also winning a major

How often has a tour player won a "regular" PGA Tour tournament one week, then won a major championship the following week? Not very often! It's a rare achievement.

But it does happen every so often. The PGA Tour keeps track of this accomplishment starting with the 1934 season and continuing to the present day. So let's take a look. Following are all the golfers ince 1934 who've won a PGA Tour event followed by a major championship victory in the next scheduled event (listed from the most-recent to the earliest):

What does the asterisk (*) mean? Golfers without an asterisk won their two events in back-to-back weeks. When the asterisk appears, those golfers won their major championship as the next tournament played on the schedule, but with a gap of one week in-between the two events.

Let's give a shout-out to Lee Trevino, too. In 1971, Trevino won the U.S. Open on June 21, the Canadian Open on July 4 and the British Open on July 10. Not only did he win the Canadian and British Opens back-to-back, but he won the U.S., Canadian and British Opens in a four-week period. And Trevino remains the only golfer to win all three of those national championships in the same PGA Tour season.

And also note that while the PGA Championship, Masters and British Open all have winners who won the previous week, there has never been a golfer who won on the PGA Tour one week and then won the U.S. Open the following week.

Compare the above list to the list of golfers who've won a major and won the next week on the PGA Tour.

Photo credit: "File:Phil Mickelson 20.jpg" by Peetlesnumber1 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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