All-Time Record: Consecutive Birdies in LPGA Tournament

Which golfer(s) holds the record for most consecutive birdies — most birdies in a row — during a round in an LPGA Tour tournament? And what is that record?

That record is nine — 9 birdies in a row. It is shared by two golfers, one of them a Hall of Famer.

LPGA Consecutive Birdies Record: 9 in a Row

Two golfers share this LPGA record:
  • Beth Daniel, second round of 1999 Philips Invitational Honoring Harvey Penick
  • Amy Yang, final round of the 2015 LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship
So Hall of Famer Beth Daniel was the first LPGA golfer to birdie nine holes consecutively, then Yang tied Daniel's mark 16 years later.

Neither golfer won the tournament in which her birdie binge happened. Daniel's score for the round was 8-under 62. Yang's score in her round was 9-under 27 which, at the time, set the LPGA scoring record for most strokes under par on the front nine or back nine. (That record has since been tied.)

Daniel finished tied for third place in her event. Yang's final-round 62 rocketed her up the scoreboard in her tournament, but after starting the final round tied for 27th, tied for fourth is where she finished. Yang birdied holes 10 through 18, every hole on the back nine — the first time in LPGA history any golfer birdied every hole on a nine.

What about the golfers with eight consecutive birdies? That has happened multiple times. But the first time it happened was in 1984, during the second round of the Rail Charity Classic. Mary Beth Zimmerman was the golfer who set that record, and whose record Daniel first broke in 1999. Zimmerman had a score of 8-under 64 in that round, but did not win the tournament.

Another golfer with eight birdies in a row on the LPGA Tour is Annika Sorenstam, who did it during the 2001 Standard Register Ping. That's worth pointing out because Annika's birdie binge that day was overshadowed by something else: She shot 59 in that round, the first time a golfer finished below 60 on the LPGA Tour. (And Sorenstam did win the tournament.)

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