The Golf Meaning of 'Flush' or 'Flush It'

When you hear golfers using the word "flush," they are probably not referring to what happens in the restroom. They are talking about making good contact when they hit the golf ball.

In golf, "flush" means making great contact between the club you are swinging and the golf ball, getting the most out of the shot in terms of distance. "Flush" refers to that great feeling in your hands, head and heart when you make that perfect contact, right on the sweetspot, to maximize the shot.

The term "flush" can be used as an adjective or a verb by golfers. A golfer might say, "I caught that one flush," as she admires her shot. Or another might say, "I really flushed that one," as the ball soars toward the green.

Of course, pro golfers catch the ball flush all the time. They expect to flush their shots, and when they don't, they (usually) don't miss by much.

For high-handicappers, flushing it is uncommon, and therefore even more wonderful when you feel it. You've been slapping it around the course all day, hitting it fat or thin, topping it or blading it, catching it out on the toe or the heel of the clubface. Hitting shots that "thud" better describes, hitting shots that send bad vibrations into your hands. Then, all of a sudden, you hit it flush. No thuds, no bad vibrations, just a soft, pillowy impact and the ball traveling as far as you actually hoped it would.

The terms flush and "flushing it," "flushed it," "caught it flush," and similar uses, are all synonyms for pure, pured it, caught it pure.

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