How to Play the Cube Golf Bet

Have you ever heard of a golf bet called "Cube" or "the Cube"? The cube is an imaginary object that one golfer (in a one-vs.-one match) or one side (in a two-vs.-two match) gains control over, and then can use to double the amount of the bet — if doing so makes sense.

In the Cube side bet, the bet covers the front nine, then starts over on the back nine (so two different bets). To play the Cube, both golfers tee off the first hole, then compare drives. Whose drive was shortest? That golfer gets the cube first. (The cube is imaginary, but if you want you can find a real, physical cube and carry it during the match, passing it back and forth when required.)

Having possession of the cube means having the ability, at any time, to double the value of the bet. Say the initial bet value is $1, you get the cube after the initial drives, and then you go up 2-up after two holes. Now you're feeling pretty confident that you will win the front nine. So you use the cube and double the bet. The bet is now worth $2.

When one golfer uses the cube, it passes to the other golfer. Maybe your opponent rallies and take a lead. Now he's the one who might want to double the bet.

Take care in setting the initial bet value, because if the cube gets passed back and forth a lot, that bet value can grow pretty high after it's doubled a few times. And remember that the bet applies to the front nine, then a new bet begins on the back nine.

Sometimes the golfer who gets the cube on the first hole will never use it. If you fall behind quickly and aren't playing well, you're not going to double the bet.

On the other hand, if you find yourself 3-up with four holes to play and in control of the cube, you are absolutely going to double the bet.

Once the outcome of the match is decided, the cube belongs to no one. You play out the holes of the front nine, then begin again on the 10th tee. Once again, the golfer who hits the shortest drive gets the cube first, then everything else is the same.

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