Tiger Woods' Birthplace: Where Was the Golfer Born?

As an adult, since turning professional, Tiger Woods has always lived in Florida. But he was born and raised in California — Cypress, California, to be exact. But we can get even more exact than that, as we do below. First, let's learn a little bit more about Woods' birthplace, Cypress.

Woods Was Born in Cypress, California

Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California. That city is in the northwestern part of Orange County in Southern California, very close to both Anaheim and Long Beach. It is approximately 25 miles southeast of Long Angeles.

Cypress was incorporated in mid-1956 and its population in 1960 was less than 2,000. By the time of Woods' birth, Cypress had grown to include around 35,000 citizens. In 2020, the city surpassed a population of 50,000 for the first time.

What's in Cypress? Los Alamitos Race Course is located there, as is Forest Lawn cemetery (not to be confused with the much more famous Forest Lawn in Glendale). That's where early rock 'n roll star Eddie Cochran is buried. Karen Carpenter was entombed there, as well, until her family had her re-interred at a different location.

Other famous people born in Cypress, California, include actors John Stamos and Matthew Morrison, boxer Jerry Quarry, baseball players David Fletcher and Troy O'Leary, and Adrian Young, drummer for the band No Doubt.

Tiger Woods' Childhood Home

At the time of Tiger's birth, just two days before 1975 turned into 1976, the Woods family was living at 6704 Teakwood Street, at the corner of Teakwood and Chestnut streets, in Cypress. Articles about Woods' birthplace always refer to the house and the neighborhood as "nondescript," meaning plain, middle-class, unremarkable. But it was home.

The three-bedroom house was (and is) around 1,500 square feet. A check of estimated real estate prices on the realty website Zillow in late 2021 gives an estimated value of the house at that time of $806,100. The Woods family would have gotten far less for that when they sold the house, which they did some time after the death of Tiger's father, Earl Woods.

It was the military man Earl Woods who got Tiger into golf, taking him to the Navy Golf Course (that is on what today is named Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos) that is located is only a handful of blocks to the southwest of the Teakwood Street house.

Earl Woods once told an interviewer that he hoped the house would some day become a museum, or even a national monument, as the birthplace of Tiger Woods. Earl lived in the house until his death in 2002.

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