Which Golfers Have Won the Most Matches in the Ryder Cup?

Sergio Garcia is one of the leaders in Ryder Cup match wins

Below is the list of golfers who were most successful in Ryder Cup play — at least as measured by their total number of matches won. So far in Ryder Cup history, there are nine golfers who have won 20 or more of their matches played. Six of those nine are from Team Europe, three of the nine are from Team USA.

In each case, you'll see their overall match records, and you'll also see how they did in each of the match formats used in the Ryder Cup (singles, foursomes and fourballs). In the event two golfers are tied with the same number of total wins, they are ranked by their total points earned.

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The List: Most Overall Wins in Ryder Cup Matches

Sergio Garcia, 25 wins

Garcia tied Nick Faldo in total victories by winning his first match of the 2021 Ryder Cup. Then, on Day 2, he moved into the lead on his own with his 24th career match win in the Ryder Cup. He also became, that year, the first golfer in tournament history to reach 25 career match wins. Garcia's record is 25-13-7 in the 10 Cups (45 matches) he has played so far, beginning in 1999 and through 2021. He is 4-5-1 in singles, 10-4-3 in foursomes and 11-4-3 in fourballs.

Nick Faldo, 23 wins

Faldo had an overall record of 23-19-4 (wins-losses-halves) in the Ryder Cup. He played in 11 Cups and 46 matches. His first appearance was in 1977, then he played in every one through 1997. Faldo had a 6-4-1 record in singles, 10-6-2 in foursomes and 7-9-1 in fourballs.

Arnold Palmer, 22 wins

Palmer is the American record-holder. He compiled his 22-8-2 record in just six Ryder Cups, from 1961 until 1973. He played 32 matches total. Palmer was 6-3-2 in singles, 9-3-0 in foursomes and 7-2-0 in fourballs.

Bernhard Langer, 21 wins

Langer played in 42 matches over 10 Ryder Cups, first appearing in 1981 and last in 2002. In those appearances, his overall record was 21-15-6. He was 4-3-3 in singles matches, 11-6-1 in foursomes matches, and 6-6-2 in fourball matches.

Lee Westwood, 21 wins

Westwood has the lowest winning percentage among the golfers who appear on this list. His record of 21 wins, 20 losses and six halves is just over 50-percent. Westwood has played in 11 Ryder Cups, 47 matches total so far, with a 4-7-0 record in singles. But he was 9-7-4 in foursomes and 8-6-2 in fourballs.

Colin Montgomerie, 20 wins

Montgomerie heads a group of five golfers who have 20 match wins each in Ryder Cup play. Monty is listed first among those five because of his 23.5 points earned. That matches the next guy on the list, but Montgomerie had one fewer loss. His overall record was 20-9-7 in 36 matches over eight Cups, spanning 1991 to 2006. He was unbeaten, 6-0-2, in singles, plus 8-3-3 in foursomes and 6-6-2 in fourballs.

Billy Casper, 20 wins

Casper has two fewer match wins than Arnold Palmer, but actually earned more points — his total of 23.5 points earned is the American record. Casper's overall record was 20-10-7. He played 37 matches in eight playing appearances, from 1961 through 1975. Casper had a 6-2-2 record in singles, 8-5-2 in foursomes, 6-3-3 in fourballs.

Seve Ballesteros, 20 wins

Ballesteros played in 37 matches over eight Ryder Cups (first in 1979, last in 1995), compiling a 20-12-5 record. He was 2-4-2 in singles, but 10-3-1 in foursomes and 8-5-2 in fourballs.

Lanny Wadkins, 20 wins

Wadkins first played in the Ryder Cup in 1977, last in 1993 — eight appearances and 34 matches. His overall record was 20-11-3. He was 4-2-2 in singles, 9-6-0 in foursomes and 7-3-1 in fourballs.

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