5th Hole at Augusta National: Magnolia

  • Par: Par 4
  • Length: 495 yards
  • Name: Magnolia
One of three roughly 500-yard par-4 holes at Augusta National Golf Club, the fifth hole also plays uphill. The hole doglegs to the left and golfers wanting to get around that dogleg on their tee shot must carry a drive over bunkers more than 310 yards.

The green is its own challenge, sloping back to front and featuring some large undulations. A back bunker collects balls that carry too deep on the approach shot.

Magnolia trees (scientific name Magnolia grandiflora) are staples of the American South and Southeast, and native to the area. Magnolia trees are evergreens and grow quite large, up to 80 feet tall with a spread of up to 40 feet. They produce large, white flowers in May and June.

Here is an animated flyover of the fifth hole produced for Golfweek (but note that the hole has been lengthened by pushing the tee 40 yards back since this animation was done):

Scoring Stats on Augusta National Hole 5

The No. 5 hole at Augusta National has, historically, played to an all-time average of 4.26 strokes. That makes it the fifth-toughest hole on the golf course during Masters Tournament play.

The fifth hole has never played under par during a Masters Tournament. The easiest No. 5 has ever played for a single tournament is 4.061 strokes during the 2001 Masters. The highest stroke average it has had is 4.475 during the 1956 Masters.

All-Time Best and Worst Scores on Augusta's 5th Hole

Highest score ever on No. 5: The worst score ever made during a Masters Tournament on Augusta's 5th hole is an 8, a quadruple bogey. Four golfers have made that score: Lowest score ever on No. 5: The best score ever recorded on Hole 5 is an eagle two. Remarkably, Jack Nicklaus did that twice during the 1995 Masters. Others who've made a 2 on Magnolia are Art Wall, 1974; Scott Hoch, 1983; Curtis Strange, 1987; Colin Montgomerie, 2000; Gabriel Hjertstedt, 2000; Rich Beem 2003; Russell Henley, 2017.

Best 4-round tournament score ever on No. 5: No Masters golfer has yet birdied the fifth hole in all four rounds. But many have played the hole in 3-under 13 for four rounds:

  • Bruce Crampton, 1976 (3,3,3,4)
  • Tom Kite, 1982 (4,3,3,3)
  • Larry Nelson, 1984 (3,3,3,4)
  • Gary Hallberg, 1985 (4,3,3,3)
  • Denis Watson, 1985 (3,4,3,3)
  • Curtis Strange, 1987 (4,2,3,4)
  • Jack Nicklaus, 1995 (2,5,2,4)
  • Bob May, 2001 (3,3,4,3)
  • Trevor Immelman, 2008 (3,3,4,3)
  • Hunter Mahan, 2012 (3,3,3,4)
  • Kevin Stadler, 2014 (3,3,4,3)
Worst 4-round tournament score on No. 5: The highest cumulative score on No. 5 during a Masters is 7-over 23, a score recorded just once — by Reggie Myles (7,4,7,5) in the 1952 Masters.

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