1956 Masters Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1956 Masters was the 20th one played. An amateur probably should have won it, but instead Jackie Burke took the title. Burke's come-from-behind win is less-famous, though, than Ken Venturi's final-round collapse.

Winner: Jack Burke Jr., 289

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 5-8, 1956

Leader after first round: Ken Venturi, 66

Leader after second round: Ken Venturi, 135

Leader after third round: Ken Venturi, 210

What Happened in the 1956 Masters Tournament

Jack Burke Jr. staged the greatest final-round comeback in Masters history, coming from eight behind at the start of Round 4 to win. And he only had to shoot 71 to do it.

The 1956 Masters is one of only a handful of times that an amateur golfer challenged for the Green Jacket. And of those times it is the best-known, because the amateur who finished second was Ken Venturi, and because he suffered a historic collapse to give away the title.

Venturi opened the tournament with a 66, held the lead at the midway point, and, despite a third-round 75, took a four-stroke lead into the final round. The second-place golfer going into Round 4 was major champion Cary Middlecoff. Burke, who did not yet have a major to his credit, wasn't in the Top 10 after three rounds — he was a distant eight strokes behind Venturi.

The final round was played in very windy, tough conditions, and only two golfers broke par that day. Venturi wasn't one of them.

But Jack Burke Jr. was. Burke shot a 71, while Venturi struggled to an 80, with a 42 on the back nine. That 9-stroke difference turned out to be the difference in the tournament, as Burke won by one over Venturi. Middlecoff had a 77 and finished one back of Venturi, two strokes behind Burke.

The 8-stroke, final-round deficit that Burke made up makes this the biggest come-from-behind win in Masters history. But the tough scoring conditions also make Burke's 1-over 289 total the highest winning score in Masters history (tied with Sam Snead's total in the 1954 Masters and Zach Johnson's in the 2007 Masters.) Burke went on to win another major later in the year, the 1956 PGA Championship.

The 1956 Masters was the last one without a cut. Because of the no-cut policy of the time, amateur Charles Kunkel was able to play all four rounds. He ended with a 95, the highest round in Masters history, and his 340 total is the highest 72-hole total in Masters history.

This was the first Masters to be televised: CBS showed holes 16 through 18 in the second, third and fourth rounds.

1956 Masters Final Scores

Jack Burke Jr. 72-71-75-71—289
a-Ken Venturi 66-69-75-80—290
Cary Middlecoff 67-72-75-77—291
Lloyd Mangrum 72-74-72-74—292
Sam Snead 73-76-72-71—292
Jerry Barber 71-72-76-75—294
Doug Ford 70-72-75-77—294
Tommy Bolt 68-74-78-76—296
Ben Hogan 69-78-74-75—296
Shelley Mayfield 68-74-80-74—296
Johnny Palmer 76-74-74-73—297
Pete Cooper 72-70-77-79—298
Gene Littler 73-77-74-74—298
a-Billy Joe Patton 70-76-79-73—298
Sam Urzetta 73-75-76-74—298
Bob Rosburg 70-74-81-74—299
Walt Burkemo 72-74-78-76—300
Roberto De Vicenzo 75-72-78-75—300
a-Hillman Robbins 73-73-78-76—300
Mike Souchak 73-73-74-80—300
Arnold Palmer 73-75-74-79—301
Frank Stranahan 72-75-79-76—302
Jim Turnesa 74-74-74-80—302
Julius Boros 73-78-72-80—303
Dow Finsterwald 74-73-79-77—303
Ed Furgol 74-75-78-76—303
Stan Leonard 75-75-79-74—303
Al Mengert 74-72-79-78—303
Al Balding 75-78-77-74—304
Vic Ghezzi 74-77-77-76—304
Fred Haas Jr. 78-72-75-79—304
Fred Hawkins 71-73-76-84—304
Walter Inman 73-75-74-82—304
Jimmy Demaret 73-75-76-81—305
Billy Maxwell 75-75-81-74—305
Art Wall Jr. 75-80-75-75—305
a-Harvie Ward Jr. 76-70-81-78—305
Lew Worsham 74-72-80-79—305
Byron Nelson 73-75-78-80—306
Chick Harbert 73-76-78-80—307
Bob Harris 73-79-77-78—307
Skee Riegel 72-79-76-80—307
a-Bill Campbell 77-78-77-76—308
Jack Fleck 74-77-76-81—308
Dick Mayer 75-74-81-78—308
a-Rex Baxter Jr. 76-79-79-75—309
Claude Harmon 77-79-76-77—309
Henry Picard 75-76-82-76—309
Bud Holscher 73-81-80-76—310
Gene Sarazen 77-75-78-80—310
a-James Jackson 77-74-76-84—311
Ted Kroll 75-75-79-82—311
a-Bruce Cudd 78-77-84-74—313
Jay Hebert 74-76-82-81—313
Bill Hyndman 79-77-77-80—313
a-Joe Campbell 77-80-78-79—314
a-Edwark Hopkins Jr. 76-76-82-80—314
a-Don Bisplinghoff 77-80-81-78—316
Don Fairfield 78-75-77-86—316
a-Ed Meister Jr. 78-78-84-76—316
a-Joe Conrad 76-79-81-81—317
Lionel Hebert 77-77-80-83—317
Ernie Vossler 78-79-83-77—317
George Schneiter 77-80-82-79—318
a-Dick Chapman 79-82-82-76—319
a-Dale Morey 83-75-83-78—319
Sam Parks Jr. 80-82-76-81—319
Henry Cotton 77-83-81-80—321
a-James McCoy 77-81-81-82—321
Craig Wood 76-80-78-88—322
Denny Shute 82-79-89-74—324
a-Don Cherry 79-81-81-84—325
Lawson Little 77-81-85-82—325
a-William Boce 82-80-87-77—326
Johnny Revolta 84-81-79-84—328
Horton Smith 86-84-84-82—336
a-Charles Kunkle 78-82-85-95—340

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