1900 U.S. Open Tournament: Vardon's Victory

The 1900 U.S. Open was the sixth time the tournament was played. And golf's first international superstar was the winner.

Winner: Harry Vardon, 313

Where it was played: Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois

Tournament dates: October 4-5, 1900

Leader after first round: J.H. Taylor, 76

Leader after second round: Harry Vardon, 157

Leader after third round: Harry Vardon, 233

Notable Notes: This was the first U.S. Open that had real star power as the two best golfers in the world at this time - Brits Harry Vardon and J.H. Taylor — both just happened to be traveling in the United States at the right time to enter. No surprise they finished 1-2, with runner-up Taylor seven strokes clear of the third-place finisher.

Final Scores

Harry Vardon 79-78-76-80—313
J.H. Taylor 76-82-79-78—315
David Bell 78-83-83-78—322
Laurie Auchterlonie 84-82-80-81—327
Willie Smith 82-83-79-83—327
George Low 84-80-85-82—331
Tom Hutchinson 81-87-81-84—333
Harry Turpie 84-87-79-84—334
Stewart Gardner 85-78-84-89—336
Val Fitzjohn 84-83-89-82—338
Willie Anderson 83-88-79-89—339
Alex Campbell 86-77-93-83—339
Alex Smith 90-84-82-84—340
James Foulis 86-88-87-82—343
Robert Simpson 84-84-88-87—343
Fred Herd 85-89-84-86—344
Arthur Smith 89-85-85-85—344
Bert Way 88-85-84-87—344
William Norton 87-87-84-87—345
Harry Rawlins 86-84-90-85—345
Ernest Way 89-92-81-84—346
Joseph Schlotman 85-94-83-88—350
Robert McAndrew 87-93-87-84—351
Joe Mitchell 88-96-82-85—351
Henry Gullane 89-89-92-82—352
Arner Tollifson 93-87-88-84—352
William Hoare 90-87-91-85—353
John Shippen 94-87-89-83—353
Robert Foulis 85-89-90-90—354
a-Charles Macdonald 86-90-90-89—355
a-Hugo Johnston 85-87-90-94—356
Horace Rawlins 98-85-88-85—356
John Campbell 96-85-89-87—357
James Hutchinson 86-89-87-96—358
David Hunter 89-86-94-91—360
Alex Taylor 89-87-93-91—360
a-William Holabird 93-87-92-89—361
George Turpie 89-84-91-97—361
a-John Stuart 94-92-84-92—362
George Braid 84-93-90-96—363
David Mentiply 90-89-94-91—364
Patrick Corcoran 101-90-96-90—377
Robert White 99-94-93-92—378
a-Walter Egan 98-89-90-102—379
John Harrison 102-90-93-98—383

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