1915 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1915 U.S. Open was the 21st time the tournament was played. The winner did something a little ununsual afterward — he mostly retired from the competitive golf scene.

Winner: Jerome Travers, 297

Where it was played: Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey

Tournament dates: June 17-18, 1915

Leader after first round: Chick Evans and Jim Barnes, 71

Leader after second round: Louis Tellier and Jim Barnes, 146

Leader after third round: Jerome Travers, 221

What Happened in the 1915 U.S. Open

Jerome "Jerry" Travers was one of the top amateur golfers — one of the best golfers, period — of his day. He was a four-time winner of the U.S. Amateur by 1913, but he rarely played in open tournaments, sticking mostly to the amateur circuit.

Travers played the U.S. Open, for example, only four times, and he played it for the last of those four times here, at the 1915 U.S. Open. He won it, and that was good enough for Travers: He never played this tournament again. In fact, Travers was mostly retired from tournament golf after this.

Travers was two strokes off the lead at the midway point, took a 1-stroke lead after the third round, and held on to win by a stroke over Tom McNamara. The only "big name" golfer finishing within six strokes of Travers was Jim Barnes, who tied for fourth. Barnes went on to win four majors. Defending champion Walter Hagen finished in a tie for 10th.

Runner-up McNamara was well-known in his day, however, with wins in the North and South Open and Western Open, among other professional events. His second-place finish here was one of three he had in U.S. Opens.

This U.S. Open was played on the Old Course at Baltusrol Golf Club, a course that no longer exists. The club's current Upper and Lower courses were built out of the remnants of the Old Course just three years later.

Travers was the second golfer to record wins in both the U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open. He joined Francis Ouimet, who had achieved that distinction first just a year earlier. Travers' win was one of three by amateurs in a four-year stretch of the U.S. Open: Ouimet won in 1913, Travers in 1915 and Chick Evans in 1916.

1915 U.S. Open Final Scores

a-Jerome Travers 76-72-73-76—297
Tom McNamara 78-71-74-75—298
Bob MacDonald 72-77-73-78—300
Jim Barnes 71-75-76-79—301
Louis Tellier 75-71-76-79—301
Mike Brady 76-71-75-80—302
George Low 78-74-76-75—303
Jock Hutchison 74-79-76-76—305
Fred McLeod 74-76-76-79—305
Alex Campbell 76-75-74-81—306
Emmet French 77-79-75-75—306
Walter Hagen 78-73-76-79—306
Tom Kerrigan 78-75-76-77—306
Gilbert Nicholls 78-81-73-74—306
Jack Park 77-77-75-77—306
Wilfred Reid 77-78-75-76—306
George Sargent 75-77-79-75—306
a-Chick Evans 71-81-80-75—307
James Donaldson 83-79-76-70—308
a-Max Marston 77-77-80-74—308
Archibald Sanderson 77-76-77-79—309
Jack Dowling 75-79-80-77—311
Alex Smith 78-76-78-79—311
Herbert Barker 77-78-80-77—312
Charles Hoffner 79-79-79-75—312
Joe Mitchell 76-80-74-83—313
Herbert Strong 83-76-78-76—313
George Sayers 76-80-81-77—314
Otto Hackbarth 80-75-79-81—315
David Ogilvie 75-78-83-79—315
Ben Sayers 80-79-79-77—315
Elmer Loving 78-78-75-85—316
J.J. O'Brien 82-75-80-79—316
David Stevens 76-80-80-80—316
Willie Macfarlane 81-83-75-78—317
a-Francis Ouimet 77-79-80-81—317
Tom Anderson Jr. 80-78-79-81—318
Tom Boyd 78-80-79-81—318
Macdonald Smith 80-79-80-79—318
James Thompson 81-80-78-79—318
Bert Battell 81-79-83-77—320
Harry Hampton 79-81-78-82—320
Jack Hobens 80-79-83-78—320
Orrin Terry 82-80-78-82—322
Isaac Mackie 79-81-81-82—323
George McLean 85-80-80-78—323
Charles Rowe 78-85-82-79—324
George Simpson 83-78-76-87—324
Dan Kenney 78-80-81-86—325
Joe Sylvester 81-76-84-88—329
Eugene McCarthy 82-84-81-84—331

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