1955 British Open Golf Tournament Results

The 1955 British Open was the 84th time the tournament was played. The defending champion won it again.

Winner: Peter Thomson, 281

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: July 6-8, 1955

Leader after first round: Syd Scott, Eric Brown and Dai Rees, 69

Leader after second round: Eric Brown, Dennis Smalldon and Peter Thomson, 139

Leader after third round: Peter Thomson, 209

Notable Notes: Peter Thomson made it two in a row, winning his second consecutive Open title. The Australian carded four solid rounds with a low of 68 in the second round, ranging to a 72 in the final round. He won by two shots over John Fallon. Thomson would win again the following year, and won the British Open five times total.

Final Scores

Peter Thomson 71-68-70-72—281
John Fallon 73-67-73-70—283
Frank Jowle 70-71-69-74—284
Bobby Locke 74-69-70-72—285
Ken Bousfield 71-75-70-70—286
Antonio Cerda 73-71-71-71—286
Bernard Hunt 70-71-74-71—286
Flory Van Donck 71-72-71-72—286
Harry Weetman 71-71-70-74—286
Romualdo Barbieri 71-71-73-72—287
Christy O'Connor Sr. 71-75-70-71—287
Eric Brown 69-70-73-76—288
Fred Daly 75-72-70-71—288
John Jacobs 71-70-71-76—288
John Anderson 71-72-77-69—289
William Henderson 74-71-72-72—289
Dennis Smalldon 70-69-78-73—290
Arturo Sotto 72-73-72-73—290
Ed Furgol 71-76-72-73—292
Kel Nagle 72-72-74-74—292
Syd Scott 69-77-73-73—292
Harry Bradshaw 72-70-73-78—293
William Branch 75-72-73-73—293
a-Joe Conrad 72-76-74-71—293
Robert Halsall 71-74-76-72—293
Reg Horne 72-75-75-71—293
Hassan Hassanien 73-72-76-73—294
Dai Rees 69-79-73-73—294
Norman Sutton 71-74-75-74—294
Jimmy Martin 70-72-79-74—295
a-John McHale 72-76-72-75—295
Henry Cotton 70-72-78-76—296
Tom Haliburton 75-72-73-76—296
Byron Nelson 72-75-78-71—296
John Burton 75-73-75-74—297
Max Faulkner 73-74-74-76—297
Johnny Bulla 75-70-73-80—298
Carlos Potente 73-75-76-74—298
Bill Shankland 73-74-77-74—298
Brian Wilkes 75-73-74-76—298
Ken Beckett 74-74-76-75—299
Ugo Grappasonni 72-72-77-78—299
Christie Kane 73-71-76-79—299
George Farmer 73-73-79-75—300
Cecil Denny 70-76-76-79—301
K.G. Geddes 74-74-77-76—301
T.H.T. Fairbairn 73-74-79-76—302
George Howard 73-74-79-78—304
a-Alfred Bucher 72-74-85-80—311

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