Babe Zaharias Open, Former LPGA Tournament

It's only appropriate that Babe Zaharias (pictured above) herself won the first Babe Zaharias Open. This former LPGA Tour tournament was played from the early 1950s to the mid-1960s in Zaharias' hometown of Beaumont, Texas. (Zaharias herself died in 1956.)

Betsy Rawls was the most frequent winner of the tournament with three victories (include a shared championship in 1962 when the tournament was called a tie).

First played: 1953

Last played: 1967

Also known as: No other names used for this event

Winners of the Babe Zaharias Open
1967 — Marilynn Smith
1966 — Shirley Englehorn
1965 — Marlene Hagge
1964 — Ruth Jessen
1963 — Mickey Wright
1962 — Kathy Cornelius/Betsy Rawls (tie)
1961 — Mary Lena Faulk
1960 — Betsy Rawls
1959 — Betsy Rawls
1958 — Louise Suggs
1957 — Marlene Hagge
1956 — Marlene Hagge
1955 — Betty Jameson
1954 — Louise Suggs
1953 — Babe Zaharias

Golf Courses: The tournament named after Babe was played in the Babe's hometown of Beaumont at the Beaumont Country Club, and later at Bayou Din Golf Club.

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