Golf Boys Videos (The Complete Collection)

Who are the Golf Boys? They are professional golfers Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan. And they occasionally get together to produce fun, funny, wacky videos — the kind of stuff you don't normally see in the often staid world of pro golf.

And that helps explain the popularity of the Golf Boys videos. That, and the willingness of the four Golf Boys to make fools of themselves.

Here is the collection of Golf Boys videos. Watch and enjoy.

Golf Boys 2.Oh

This video debuted on March 4, 2013. And many consider it a major advancement in Golf Boys rapping and performing skills.

Perhaps that's because this video was written by a professional singer/songwriter (Mat Kearney). The video's director, Ty Andre, worked as choreographer on the first Golf Boys video (below).

Also of note, Golf Boys 2.0 was available for purchase on iTunes and sales benefited charity: water, an organization that works to bring clean drinking water to developing countries.

Golf Boys Oh, Oh, Oh

The first Golf Boys video appeared one week prior to the 2011 Masters Tournament. It caught many golf fans off-guard with its ridiculous send-up of boy bands, because, while Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson had already established reputations for fun-loving, the other two Golf Boys - Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan - seemed to be stepping way out of character with their involvement. (Don't judge a golfer by his on-course demeanor?)

The Making of 'Oh, Oh, Oh'

There is also a Golf Boys "making of" video: The Making of The Golf Boys Oh Oh Oh:

And Then There Were the Golf Girls ...

The original Golf Boys video generated so much attention that four Ladies European Tour golfers decided to get in on the act. They responded with a video entitled "Golf Girls (Ah, Ah, Ah)." The four LET golfers in the video are Sophie Giquel, Sophie Sandolo, Jade Schaeffer and Cassandra Kirkland:

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