Miami International Four Ball Golf Tournament

The Miami International Four Ball is a former PGA Tour golf tournament, played for approximately 30 years beginning in the mid-1920s. In the early days of the professional golf circuit in the United States, this tournament was one of the prestige events.

It also was a team tournament: Golfers paired up in twosomes in order to play (as the name states) four ball. Four ball means that each golfer in a team of two plays his own ball from tee to green; the low score of the two golfers counts as the team score on each hole.

In addition, the four ball was played at match play, rather than stroke play. So the Miami International Four Ball stands out in PGA Tour history for its format.

First played: 1924

Last played: 1954

Also known as: Miami Beach International Four-Ball and Miami Biltmore International Four-Ball

Winners of the Miami International Four-Ball
1954 — Tommy Bolt/Dick Mayer
1953 — No tournament
1952 — Ted Kroll/Lew Worsham
1951 — Not played
1950 — Pete Cooper/Claude Harmon
1949 — Jim Ferrier/Cary Middlecoff
1948 — Jim Ferrier/Cary Middlecoff
1947 — Jimmy Demaret/Ben Hogan
1946 — Jimmy Demaret/Ben Hogan
1945 — Jug McSpaden/Byron Nelson
1943-44 — Not played
1942 — Chandler Harper/Herman Keiser
1941 — Ben Hogan/Gene Sarazen
1940 — Billy Burke/Craig Wood
1939 — Ralph Guldahl/Sam Snead
1938 — Ky Laffoon/Dick Metz
1937 — Henry Picard/Johnny Revolta
1936 — Henry Picard/Johnny Revolta
1935 — Henry Picard/Johnny Revolta
1934 — Al Espinosa/Denny Shute
1933 — Paul Runyan/Horton Smith
1932 — Tommy Armour/Ed Dudley
1931 — Wiffy Cox/Willie Macfarlane
1930 — Clarence Gamber/Cyril Walker
1929 — Leo Diegel/Walter Hagen
1928 — Johnny Farrell/Gene Sarazen
1927 — Tommy Armour/Bobby Cruickshank
1926 — Bill Mehlhorn/Macdonald Smith
1925 — Bobby Cruickshank/Johnny Farrell
1924 — Bill Mehlhorn/Macdonald Smith

Golf Courses: These tournaments took place most often at the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club in Miami. Two other courses also served as the site on occasion: Miami Biltmore Golf Course (Coral Gables) and Normandy Shore Club (Miami Beach).

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