1898 U.S. Open Results

The 1898 U.S. Open was the fourth time the tournament was played, but the first that was 72 holes.

Winner: Fred Herd, 328

Where it was played: Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton, Massachussetts

Tournament dates: June 17-18, 1898

Leader after first round: Alex Smith, 78

Leader after second round: Willie Anderson, 163

Leader after third round: Fred Herd, 244

Notable Notes: The fourth U.S. Open was the first one played over 72 holes — four rounds of 18 holes each became established at this point as the tournament format.

Final Scores

Fred Herd 84-85-75-84—328
Alex Smith 78-86-86-85—335
Willie Anderson 81-82-87-86—336
Joe Lloyd 87-80-86-86—339
Willie Smith 82-91-85-82—340
William Hoare 84-84-87-87—342
Willie Dunn 85-87-87-85—344
John Jones 83-84-90-90—347
a-Herbert Leeds 81-84-93-89—347
Robert McAndrew 85-90-86-86—347
Bernard Nicholls 86-87-88-86—347
Harry Turpie 85-87-86-91—349
Alex Findlay 89-88-84-89—350
John Lister 92-88-90-85—355
Willie Tucker 90-89-87-89—355
a-James Curtis 87-88-88-93—356
John Harland 84-93-93-87—357
William Davis 91-88-95-85—359
Horace Rawlins 91-90-92-88—361
a-James Tyng 92-91-88-90—361
a-Quincy Shaw 88-85-93-98—364
Jack Youds 92-90-92-90—364
J.H. Mercer 85-95-93-93—366
Gilbert Nicholls 91-92-91-92—366
John Dunn 91-88-91-97—367
Willie Campbell 93-91-97-101—382
a-H.R. Sweny 92-97-96-99—384
a-Winthrop Rutherford 100-99-98-91—388
Walter Stoddard 103-95-97-96—391

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