1910 U.S. Open: A Schism In the Smith Family

The 1910 U.S. Open was the 16th time the tournament was played. The champion emerged from a 3-way playoff.

Winner: Alex Smith, 298

Where it was played: Philadelphia Cricket Club in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: June 18-20, 1910

Leader after first round: Tom Anderson Jr., 72

Leader after second round: Alex Smith, 146

Leader after third round: John McDermott, 223

Notable Notes: Alex Smith won his second U.S. Open title in a playoff that also included his brother plus an 18-year-old. The 18-year-old was John McDermott, who went on to win the next two times the tournament was played. Macdonald Smith was Alex's brother. But Alex didn't take it easy on either his family or the kid, shooting 71 in the 18-hole playoff to win by four over McDermott and six over Macdonald.

Final Scores

x-Alex Smith 73-73-79-73—298
John McDermott 74-74-75-75—298
Macdonald Smith 74-78-75-71—298
Fred McLeod 78-70-78-73—299
Tom McNamara 73-78-73-76—300
Gilbert Nicholls 73-75-77-75—300
Jack Hobens 74-77-74-76—301
Tom Anderson Jr. 72-76-81-73—302
Herbert Barker 75-78-77-72—302
Jock Hutchison 77-76-75-74—302
Willie Anderson 74-78-76-75—303
George Low 75-77-79-74—305
Charles Thom 80-72-78-75—305
Tom Bonnar 78-78-71-80—307
George Cummings 78-73-79-77—307
Alex Campbell 79-76-80-74—309
George Sargent 77-81-74-77—309
Jack Campbell 77-77-81-75—310
James Thomson 74-80-80-76—310
a-Fred Herreshoff 76-77-79-79—311
George Smith 76-78-79-80—313
Alex Ross 78-84-73-79—314
Otto Hackbarth 79-82-78-76—315
Martin Oloughlin 77-82-80-76—315
a-A.W. Tillinghast 80-81-79-76—316
William Robinson 83-81-78-75—317
Jack Burke Sr. 81-77-77-84—319
James Donaldson 80-78-87-75—320
David Honeyman 83-79-79-79—320
Irving Stringer 83-77-82-78—320
Jack Croke 77-78-83-83—321
Alfred Campbell 78-84-81-79—322
Walter Fovargue 79-86-75-82—322
Peter Robertson 79-81-80-82—322
Orrin Terry 82-84-79-77—322
Isaac Mackie 81-82-80-80—323
Sam White 82-79-82-80—323
Willie Maguire 76-83-81-84—324
Frank Peebles 80-85-77-82—324
Robert Peebles 83-81-80-80—324
Jack Jolly 83-80-82-80—325
George Griffin 81-81-85-79—326
Robert Mcwatt 83-79-82-82—326
Joe Mitchell 78-82-83-84—327
Karl Keffer 84-79-87-79—329
James Campbell 86-78-80-86—330
a-Robert Watson 86-76-86-83—331
a-Charles Burgess 81-83-88-81—333
William F. Hackney 78-85-88-84—335

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