1869 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1869 British Open was the 10th one played. Once again the tournament took place over the 12-hole Prestwick links, three rounds for a total of 36 holes.

Winner: Tom Morris Jr., 157

Where it was played: Prestwick Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland

Tournament dates: Sept. 16, 1869

Leader after first round: Tom Morris Jr., 50

Leader after second round: Tom Morris Jr., 105

Notable Notes: Young Tom Morris made it two wins in a row, leading after the first and second rounds in addition to his final winning margin of 11 strokes.

The first hole-in-one ever recorded in tournament play happened here. Young Tom was the golfer who got the ace, in the first round on the eighth hole.

Fourteen golfers entered the tournament this year, but only nine completed play.

Final Scores

Tom Morris Jr. 50-55-52—157
Bob Kirk 53-58-57—168
Davie Strath 53-56-60—169
Jamie Anderson 60-56-57—173
a-William Doleman 60-56-59—175
Tom Morris Sr. 56-62-58—176
a-G.M. Innes 64-58-58—180
Tom Dunn 62-61-59—182
Charlie Hunter 62-61-64—187

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