1868 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1868 British Open was the ninth one played, and it was the site of the first "passing of the torch": Tom Morris Jr. won for the first time, supplanting his father.

Winner: Tom Morris Jr., 154

Where it was played: Prestwick Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland

Tournament dates: Sept. 23, 1868

Leader after first round: Tom Morris Jr., 51

Leader after second round: Tom Morris Sr., 104

Notable Notes: Young Tom Morris won his first Open Championship, beating his father, Old Tom Morris, by three strokes (the father was called Tom and the son Tommy in real time - Old Tom and Young Tom is how we know them today).

Old Tom didn't win again, meaning he was a 4-time champion. Young Tom eventually matched that. For the win, Tommy earned the Challenge Belt.

The tournament consisted of three rounds at the 12-hole Prestwick Links. Twelve golfers completed play.

Final Scores

Tom Morris Jr. 51-54-49—154
Tom Morris Sr. 54-50-53—157
Robert Andrew 53-54-52—159
Willie Park Sr. 58-50-54—162
Bob Ferguson 57-54-54—165
Tom Dunn 59-54-54—167
Bob Kirk 56-59-56—171
John Allan 54-55-63—172
Charlie Hunter 60-54-58—172
William Dow 61-58-60—179
a-William Doleman 63-61-57—181
Willie Dunn Sr. 60-63-60—183

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